WW Name


Pack Affiliation

Crimson Paw

Moon Age


Skills & Abilities

Shamanism, Alchemy, Astral Projection, psychic, see spirits, philosophy, scholar, etc.



Favorite Quote

"Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." -Mark 9:23


What I feel is relevant to this: Through my astral travels (to litteraly one universe) I found a kingdom of werewolfs and wolffolk. The leader Kité had turned me. I'm already used to the abilities that I had, but have never had them in this world. As of June, I've started actively trying to get myself to turn here, the main method is through shamanic lycanthropy, which I'm at the start of stage 2 (1 mind, 2 body, 3 shift), as well as trying to change through the dream state, and making plans (which I lack the money for) to gather ingredients to make a potion. I may have succeeded, but I doubt it. Only the moon will tell. My goal on here is to find a quicker method to change (there are more ways than bite with the help of an actual werewolf, though I won't deny a bite) if I'm not already changed, and companionship for once I do. My main reason for turning is to cure my aprexia, insulin resistance, allergies, and issues with my healing. My secondary reason is to bridge my astral self/soul self and my physical self. My tertiary reason is to be able to be the wolf I am inside, to roll around in grass (which im allergic to), lay in the sun, run through the woods at night, heck walk outside at night without the fear of being shot to death, and better protect those I care about if the need arises.