Drache Morte


WW Name

Drache Morte



Pack Affiliation

I am like no other. Full of secrets and knowledge. Come man or beast alike and I shall prove the respect I command. I have no pack, I am not wolf, I am beast beyond reckoning

Moon Age

25, though that's just my actual age.

Skills & Abilities

I advise others, they need only ask for my aid. I have a great understanding of many things both in the supernatural and mundane.


Mine to know. No one's to find.

Favorite Quote

If you cannot give joy to yourself how can you expect others to give it to you? Find your own joy, make your own happiness. Let go of ego, desire and hatred.


I was born and raised on a beautiful island in a town by the sea. With rivers clear as shimmering diamonds, the trees being sister to me. In a forest where birds chirped, in that town by the sea. Lived I in deep resignation, in the mountains I was free. Tis not till the age of 12, in that town by the sea. That my life became Hell, and something changed in me. Beast beyond reckoning, in the mountains I hid. The skies ever beckoning, to my heart they forbid. That in my mirror I saw something new, a monster in my view. But here is the answer to find my deepest secret:

Sails the waves and swims the rapids. When angered we are quite rabid. Pearls of Wisdom we carry so wild and free. Master of the heavens, the rains and the sea. Our armor is legendary though not forged of steel. My fury is not that which you wish to feel. Not a cat but I have whiskers. My voice to you a shout, to the world a whisper. What am I?