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    I need help, anyone willing to help a fellow Lycan?

    • Hi Romie, how can I help you?

      • Yes, I’m a werewolf. But I have a friend she’s a vampire. We’ve been friends since 1st grade. Is there anything to help our relationship stay the same?

        • Well just because werewolves and vampires have traditionally been enemies does not mean that individuals have to be. I personally subscribe to the point of view that there are good and bad members of every group. To say that all vampires are evil is just as wrong as saying that all werewolves or all humans are good. It just isn’t true.

          So based on that if both of you want to be friends with each other then you should be able to do so. It might not be easy, there will be many challenges that you will face but what that is worth doing in life is easy?

          I think if you both accept your differences and make sure that you stay away from each other while you are transformed or in danger of transforming you should be okay.

          Keep us posted on how that goes. Good luck.