WW Name




Pack Affiliation

Lone wolf

Moon Age


Skills & Abilities

Basic battle, dreams, hearing, reflects, story telling


trying to stay sane, trying to stay away from anything political, trying to stay away from humans..

Favorite Quote

"kill one man, your a murderer. Kill an army, a conqueror. kill a nation, a king. Kill the world, a fake god and a lonely life…." -No one…. mostly me.


I no longer know.

Sense i was young I believed in werewolves, I wanted to be one and I still do.
I'm addicted to fiction, i remember more about that then reality.
I don't want to live in this world, everything ticks me off now.
So stupid, I hate this life nothing happens. I have no one to care for and no pack.
Theres no use.

Every time I try to find a real pack, I find werewolf wannabes who think they are better then everyone…… Can someone please help me?

I get night terrors and barley any sleep, I want to leave this house but I cant, Its getting harder to breath and I always feel like shit. I get bad vibes in places and society scares me with how its all turning out…… please talk to me. If and only if you are real, message me on here or on Mako.Hayvlu@gmail.com either way I need something to make me not become crazed. Im ok with video chats but my family has to be asleep at the time.

Anywho, I have wished to be wolf sense I was young, about five, when my uncle would tell me about them. I hate most things i know is stupid and cheep… it ticks me off to see something so cheaply fake like twilight or such(mostly twilight…oh gods)….

I need someone who can help me get facts right, or more so a pack if possible….

well, the end i guess.