Katherina, my nickname is kat or katia


WW Name

Katherina, my nickname is kat or katia


Dyan Clan (June)

Genetic or Bitten?




Pack Affiliation

lone wolf

Moon Age

Im a dyan, without a wolf mirror..

Skills & Abilities

I can see what many other supernatural beings, or mundane cant. I attract other supernatural creatures, and Everything has come natural to me.


No pack, with a potential mate, who doesn't know of my species, and never have been in a pack. But I am looking.

Favorite Quote

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"


I was kidnapped by something supernatural when I was a child, but I was returned. I have always had some being with me, but I have never seen it. I found out I was a dyan wolf. I have secrets, many, some I do not even want to share with werewolves until I know you. But as soon as I meet you, I will always be there for you. I can be betrayed, attacked, and hated. But I will still be there for you. That is the type of werewolf, or wolfblood I am.