WW Name



Wild Clan (April)

Genetic or Bitten?






Pack Affiliation

Lone Wolf (I wanna join a pack though.)

Moon Age

Haven't transformed yet.

Skills & Abilities

Not really anything supernatural (yet) but I can tolerate pain pretty well and I also have a great sense of smell. I can run pretty fast for short distances, too.


I like tacos.

Favorite Quote

"Werewolves are regular people most of the time."


Ever since I was little I always felt I identified with wolves. I had a collection of wolf stuffed animals and I made a wolf den out of a walk-in closet. My parents would have to tell me to stop howling sometimes. I've always wanted to live by a large forest, but sadly my mom always moves us somewhere in the city. I've always had a dream of running free in the wild. I always thought there was something wrong with me, and I never seemed to fit in with everyone else. People even tell me that I have eyes just like a wolf. A few people including myself noticed that my teeth happen to be sharper than usual human teeth. It wasn't until the age of 11 that I started wondering if I was a werewolf myself. After a few years went by, I'm pretty sure that I am a genetic werewolf. Sadly, I haven't experienced a transformation yet, but hopefully I will soon. I really want to join a pack, too.