WW Name




Pack Affiliation

Not sure. Lone wolf?

Moon Age

210 lunar years

Skills & Abilities

Amazing sense of hearing and night vision. Speedy and can endure a lot. Extremely adaptable. Deeply in tune with the forest and can sense when death is near. Connections with other beings and a hunter in both forms. Limited sense of precognition.


Active and seeking help, I'm trying to find out what tribe I'm from.

Favorite Quote

"Stay low, go fast; kill first, die last. One shot, one kill, not luck, all skill.


I've been a wolf all my life…yes my body is human, but do not let that fool you, I can hardly even begin to understand those beings. I go by Maugrim only because that was the name I adopted for myself, I am not some roleplayer pretending to be the captain of the secret police. Understand that though I am on this site, I don't believe much in the clans or alliances as being actual groups, but I have filled the spots out to give you a good idea of who I am, though in all honesty you could say I'm a cross between the Wild, Oak, Dragon, and possibly the Death "clans". I say the Akasha alliance, as I go into a sort of wolf form in my sleep and travel through different dream worlds, mostly copies of this world but on a spiritual level. If you have any questions concerning any of my abilities, please don't hesitate to ask them. I am seeking help reconnecting with myself so if anyone out there has some advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it if you share…or if anyone wants to just chat with me out of boredom that is absolutely fine as well, I enjoy the conversations.