WW Name


Genetic or Bitten?


Pack Affiliation

The Midnight Eclipse Pack

Skills & Abilities

Silver tongue; telepathy; immune to silver; heal by touch if wills it; talk to animals; sharpshooter; can imitate others powers if she learns their true name;


Alpha-born in a royal line

Favorite Quote

Throw me to the wolves and I will return to you leading the pack.


I am very closely related to seven of the eleven founders of the lycanthrope world. I have kept my young features for many years and no one truly knows my age, but you may only guess as I will never let this fact out. I was born a lycanthrope; my wolf form is a pure white wolf on the upper end of the size range, despite my medium size in human form. I will not give out my eye color. I will not turn anyone, even if they are part of my pack and have completed the blood oath, which is required to join. When I was a child, before my first transformation, I was abused by my father, a powerful and charming man, because of how the pack respected me more than they respected him. He became insane and died at my hand, with the assistance of my older brother, a genius young man who thought up plans in seconds. Two years later, my brother and I turned the same day; my brother was weakened from a disease passed on through drinking the wine of the Blood Berry, hidden away by my father and that my brother found and never learned about. He died during the change but his spirit still surrounds me, always there to remind me of him. My sister I will say only that she is very powerful and highly protected. She and my pack are the most important things in my life. My pack has since taken me as their Alpha because I am of royal lines and the True Alpha, as known by my mark, which I will stay silent about.