Lupine Life iOS App

Get the Lupine Life appIt is now here! The new Lupine Life iOS app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Everything a werewolf needs to survive and thrive. Well except muffins.

Lunar Tracker: Find the phase of the Moon at any date within 100 years.

Lycanthropy Profiler: You know you are a werewolf but do you know what kind of a werewolf you are? FInd out by using these advanced diagnostic tools.

Werewolf Videos: You can watch all 13 episodes of “My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine right within the app!

Direct links to important werewolf information including full access to all the features of and much more!

Find it free on the iTunes App Store.

The app requires iOS 5.0 or higher and will work with any iOS device that supports iOS 5 or higher.

The most recent release, version 1.0.1 has no known issues.

If you find any issues with the app or have suggestions for features or improvements please let us know in the comments below.



60 thoughts on “Lupine Life iOS App

  1. I love the episodes so much , such a cliff hanger :mrgreen: i’m not a werewolf but i’m a Floater , which is 60 % mermaid i also have some vampire like 30 % and well the other 10 % is human ! i can’t wait for the app :grin: i love Seth’s site and this is just amazing , i have a youtube channel too ! i’m almost at a 100 subscribers and i would love if you subscribed , my username is paolasmakeup97 , you don’t have to watch my videos just subscribe :) also is this site run by Louis ? if it is your really cute :) hehehe – Paola

    • Hi Jorge,

      When we first release it the app is only going to be for iOS. Hopefully someday we will be able to make an Android version but I don’t know when that will be. What I do know is that we do have to get the iOS version done first.

      What kind of Android device do you have and what version of Android is on it?

      Thanks for asking.


  2. Got the app as soon as it was said on SOS that it had been released. It works great, and Incan find nothing wrong with it.

  3. I need help. I’m not sure if I am a WW but I think I am. Is there anyone who can bite me? I live in New Brunswick. If I already am can someone tell me how I can know if I’m genetic or bitten. :??? :grin:

  4. Hi um I need some help finding out if I am a werewolf or not here’s what I know I was born under a full oak moon I have done many tests they all say I am a werewolf but I need a way to know for sure like a expert on this kind of thing I really hope I am a werewolf if not i Guess I am a wolf therin

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name or your location. Thanks.

  5. Hi!
    I was wondering if you were ever going to make it for android? I understand that this could be a hassle, but I was just wondering. I had this on an iPad, alas that broke and I am not getting another one. I cannot remember certain things from that and would like to be able to retain this infomatuon with my phone. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day/night!

  6. I have to tell you this: I was sitting near a tree at night, but all of a sudden, something dashed across me. I was bursting with fear. And I saw it dash across again, and the face appeared right in front of me and it was looking at me in the eye. It ran away. Then I felt pain right on my hand. I looked down and I saw my hand rapidly bleeding. I just realized it was a werewolf. That’s why I came here for some help. I came here to find out what werewolf I was. If I see another werewolf, I get scared. It gives me nightmares…

  7. I want to be a real werewolf to some relief off my shoulders. Because I got loads of stress that I want off my body. I want to be free. From. But I need some help. Can anyone please help me out. Please.

    • Well, It appears I’m 4 Years too late, But however it is nearly impossible to become a real Lycanthrope, many say if you bite someone they’ll be able to change but I can say that’s 100% not true. It is a very complicated matter to change someone into a werewolf, a piece of information only the highly trusted and worthy get to know. Not even I have that honor. And, becoming a living as a Lycanthrope just puts more problems on your shoulders, pack life is very hard and you have to do normal work like a regular human would do. We’re not ‘beasts’ and we can’t just do whatever we want. we have to be there spiritually and physically when our pack needs aide.

  8. I will have to get me an Apple device
    i hope your working on an android version of
    this app because i would totally download it
    I’m currently using an android phone android 2.3.6 (gingerbread) if you need a ui image person to draw a layout
    I’m here to help…

  9. I can’t login, it says my username is wrong while it’s not. Tried to renew my password but it still says the same, while my account is a valid one. Can sb help me to with this?

    • Becoming a dragon is a completely different story. Comparing that to becoming a werewolf is like comparing turning into a car to catching the flu. I’m effectively a dragon reincarnate, and a skinwalker, and I don’t plan to even try till I can fetch my skeleton from Germany. That being said, if you figure out a way, let me know! But I won’t hold my brearh.

  10. Hello, I would love to be able to purchase the application but I am an Android user, how could I do it? by the way, if anyone knows any herd in Spain that is active, you could tell me. greetings to all.

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