Lunar Facts For Lycanthropes

Lunar Facts

Mean Distance from Earth (Average): 383,990 km

Distance from Earth at Perigee: 362,570 km

DIstance from Earth at Apogee: 405,410 km

Orbital speed: 3,679.2 km/h

Radius: 1,737.1 km (0.273 Earths)

Mass: 7.3477 x 1022 kg (0.0123 Earths)

Age: 4.5 billion years

Lunar FAQ

Why does the Moon change shape?

- The Moon does not actually change shape but rather the part of the moon that is lit by the sun changes and gives the appearance of the moon changing shape. Soon we will put up a diagram here that explains this more fully.

Time lapse of Lunar phases

How does the Moon influence werewolves?

- What is well known is that the moon and in particular the full moon have a very strong influence on werewolves. Almost all new werewolves and certainly young werewolves experience transformation during the full moon and for 24 hours before and after. 

Older and trained werewolves can control their transformations better but even they experience the pull of the full moon in terms of stronger powers and a higher likelihood of transforming on the full moon. 

Why this happens is less well known, whether it’s due to the pull of gravitational forces or the tricks of the moonlight. This is a very complex issue and we will have more detail on this posted soon.

Does the Moon influence anything else on Earth?

- Yes it certainly does. Tides on the ocean are one such example. The gravitational pull of the Moon pulls the oceans so much that between high tide and low tide the water might rise as much as 16 meters (53 feet).

Lunar Phases

Why does the Moon change?

- The Moon appears to change shape because of the light from the Sun and the system of the Moon orbiting the earth. There will soon be a diagram here to help explain this better.

Glossary of Lunar Terms

Apogee – The point in the Moon’s orbit of the Earth where it is the farthest from the Earth.

Perigee  - The point in the Moon’s orbit of the Earth where it is the closest to the Earth.

Supermoon – When the Full Moon and the Perigee (closest point to the Earth) occur at the same time it creates an effect known as a Supermoon which causes very high tides and very intense and powerful werewolf transformations.

Moon Age - The moon’s lunar cycle that lasts about 29 days. The moon age is the number of days since the beginning of that cycle which starts at 0 with the New Moon.

1,965 thoughts on “Lunar Facts For Lycanthropes

  1. I believe that I’m a genetic wolf. I’m XXXX and still haven’t had a transformation is that normal or does it mean I’m not a werewolf? Last year around this time I had a reoccurring dream that lasted for 6 months straight. I was running through the woods when I came across a group of college kids that were camping. Then all of a sudden I started to rip them apart and bite their heads off. After I killed them all I looked down at my hands and they looked like bloody claws. Every night I had this dream it was always a different group of people in a different forest. When I awoke in the morning I could taste the blood. But for the last couple of years I have all five senses in my dreams and my science teacher said that no one can have more then 2 of they’re senses in dreams and that its impossible to have more than that. Could someone please tell me what this means? Please anything would help.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • Being tested your animal spirit wants to feed I sujest deer or steak that will control the wolf inside your anger must be comeing through your wolf dreams that is why u r tearing the people up in the dream ither that or your wolf form is feeding on enemys iI would focus on deer and cow to get your energy and control bk of your wolf energy not controlling your wolf energy can spiral out of control and u can become very angry so u must control it instead of it controlling you so basically u need deer or cow to satisfy your needs as a wolf spirit doing that will calm the energy and wolf down so u can be content so eat steak or deer and u will be happy

      • I know,you all think I’m stupid,coming on here thinking I’m a werewolf.I have Valid reason though,for a long time I thought I was a werewolf,but I didn’t transform,then last full moon while I was going to bed something in me felt like it changed,I had a werewolf dream that night,ever since that night I have had dreams,excessive hair growth,eating nonstop,love meat,and wake up really sore. Will one of you who is a real werewolf tell me if I may be,because I don’t like big suprises.

    • I realy need help i think im a werewolf but im not sure someone please help me .Im very hairy and im a girl so that dosent make any sense .And then i thought i was a werewolf. Then i started doing a lot of werewolf quizzes and did a lot of research on werewolves .SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME IDK WHAT TO DO IM SO SCARED PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! IS ANYONE STILL ON THIS APP?!?!

      • I KNOW I SHOULDN’T BE HERE IF IM NOT A REAL WEREWOLF BUT I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS. And another thing a day ago when it was night i felt uneasy and started looking out the window to se the moon for some reason then i felt it had to do with me being a werewolf. SO PLEASE HELP ME I DONT REALY KNOW WHY I FELT LOKE IM A WEREWOLF BUT I JUST DO PLEASE SOMEONE THATS A REAL WEREWOLF HELP!!!!!!

        • Don’t worry look to the moon there u will find wat u r looking for stare into the wolfs eyes and u will find the question and the awnsears u seek a sky journey a door a gate way u will ither take or u won’t there u will see a truth and a awakening to the wolf

            • If u r wolf u already know how and will have a deep connection with the wolf as soon as u look into its eyes the connection is a astablished or a dog like a German Shepard it is like your soul is 1 with them and them with you but Ithe wolf will summon u in energy soul or dream form if u r chosen by it and there u will look into it and see and become it in human form becareful though when u choose this wolf life this path there’s no going bk u give yourself to the moon and become 1 with the wolf body and soul everything will change and u no longer will be human in a sence it is a old art a sacred duty like a guardian to man humans will fear u and for a while u will be a lone wolf because u r the wolf

              • This morning i asked my mom when it was going to be a clear night .But I felt it in me that the moon was out and for some reason i knew witch window to look out of. Then when I saw the moon i couldn’t take my eyes of it my heart was beating faster. Then i felt like something happened but i didn’t know what it was. At school i couldn’t stop growling for some reason and i still felt different. I felt like i was going to has a dream this night. What does all this mean could u tell me!

                • Do u only shift if the full moon is visible or it dosent mater because i think i don’t shift cause ireland is so cloudy all the time so it blocks the moon

        • Hay I have that a lot but it could Reilly mean anything. Just be calm and eventually someone else will help you. Just know that other people do fell and do the same thing or fell the same thing.

  2. Stare into the wolfs eyes look deep inside his soul and make it your own the other bit is hard you must let go of everything you are afraid to loose cut all connections body soul mind energy people humans earth air water space friends lovers reality the galexy the cosmos the very foundations of time itself you must awaken your true self your energy spirit not your human self only then will your spirit be free from toxins imagen yourself as a sun exsplodeing into a super nova and everything around IT is all the problems a human has to face wipe your slate clean become not a human the native Americans drank a herbal tea from the willow that the clan mother made this tea would do all of the above to the chosen warrior with his spirit free from the earthy problems he could choose a wolf spirit a egal spirit a bear spirit or a stag spirit into his own they used this spirit animal power to spy watch and see look and investergate on enemy’s or threats or dangers in the body of a animal the moon has the binding of this magic and tyies the animal spirit to the human spirit so if u wish this life this sacred path the native American warriors chose you must respect the ways of the moon the wolf and the spirit only then will the wolf spirit choose you to be 1 sometimes it’s blood sometimes it’s dna sometimes it’s a choice that you are given it is called a sky journey or a door but beware this is a sacred path that is beyond man some can not take it or understand it and freak out you must be strong willed and have a lot of strength as when u r in the animal u are the animal and will go though what it goes though and will see through its eyes taste smells hunts all is permitted in the wild Allas this arcane art dose not last forever and u are summoned back to your human shell by the powers that be but in doing so will gain traits of the wolf like wolf teeth wolf eyes wolf sences wolf feelings smells wolf strength wolf energy and wolf soul u become what u go in some can do it many times but this arcane art costs energy and moon energy that is why it is done on a full moon I am 1 with the moon and respect the energys and understand when I am allowed to be free the main words are respect and honour if u have none of these two traits u are not worthy to be a wolf and will not be allowed to even shift

    • Totem magic I’ve seen similar things used amongst the Germanic Berserkers and Ulfheddinn. You make very good long winded speeches, but few have the discipline to achieve such a state, or the patience.

      • Indeed only a few have been chosen by the moon to weild the wolf spirit I was chosen because a dark shadow vampire queen was turning me trying to make me dark a vampire bite I was frozen in fear ice cold I was I saw her red eyes but my soul refused my spirit said no a white wolf energy howled from within me and I blasted her away with this white soul wolf energy comeing from within me after i saw Anubis and I fainted I used all my power tell me why did this happen she told me she had a connection to me I guess she was from my last life a apprentice that turned evil but I must know why what am i

  3. Hello wolves, I have known about you for some time now. Although I have denied your existence, I can not deny my beliefs. I think I may be one of you. I have many signs, but I’m not too sure of you yet. I am of shifting age and getting increasingly edgier. Please, someone reply, and help a new young person- or she-wolf.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  4. Don’t worry look to the moon the moon will guide thee stare into the wolfs eyes and u will find wat u seek the question and the awnsear is there and will show u the way a path that u will ither take or not a sky journey a gate a door to what u seek

  5. Guys how do u know what kind of werewolf u r (if im a real werewolf) and sorry for coming to this app or website with out knowing if im a werewolf or not.But I beleive im a werewolf i just know it so yeah :o

  6. It didn’t work. One of the questions asked what kind of supernatural being are you and I said I was a werewolf but it said it was invalid :cry:

  7. Um I didn’t really notice any strange smells because I was to busy being scared last night. But I felt heat. Sometimes when I get angry or very annoyed I over heat but most of the times I don’t notice because I’m too busy being angry

  8. I didn’t smell anything but I was overheating because I was scared it felt like it was right next to me. I told my mom she said it must be a spirit. But I’ve felt this before when I think a spirit is watching me but that was a different feeling this felt like something was watching me something or someone alive. Also sometimes when I get really annoyed or angry I overheat but I don’t notice it because I’m too busy being angry. Oh and last night I had a dream about me shifting into a werewolf and other weird and crazy stuff that isn’t important. ANYWAY! Before I finally fell asleep last night the dream: I was outside half naked for some reason I ran across the road to where I thought was a forest. There was words in the grass, giant words I couldn’t read what they said. Then I looked in the reflection in the pool of water I saw myself as a wolf. That’s all the important stuff I could remember in the dream. THAT THE FUDGE IS Going ON WITH MY LIFE!!!

  9. I don’t know what I am but im seeing things that shouldn’t be seen. I don’t know what they want but they took another one that could see them

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  10. Hello everyone so my name is… let’s say… the Illusioner. I’m XX yrs old coming up XX. I’ve gone through a lot recently and on my XXth birthday it’s gonna be full bone moon and I will hopefully transform. I want to ask you people something though.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

    • I wouldn’t trust anyone on here with them kinda questions. Everyone on here from what I gathered are nothing but a bunch of posers that don’t know what the heck they are talking about. I sent someone a false message and said it was from my stepbrother and they said I knew it wasn’t you because I can sense these things. That’s how I know they are liers. Plus half the stuff they tell me are from games or movies that I have played or watched before. Some of the stuff they tell is from World of Warcraft. So if I were you I’ll just not trust anything they say.

      • Well if they tell stuff from WoW it’s either 1. WoW have supernaturals developing the game and are trying to get the message out 2. Some people you have encountered are roleplaying.

        • I don’t know you tell me. She said she is a ghost wolf and also something called an eldar. She said she’s a protector of this mountain that the heart of it can speak to her and that it is a great light energy. She said for the last several months she has been fight this great darkness that is trying to take over this world. That they have used jinn and storm giants as shoke troopers. She also said she put a mark on me that if I am already a werewolf would help me shift for the first time or if I ain’t will make me one. But I know about that mark because she doesn’t know my full name or what I look like so it would be impossible for her put something like that on me. I was told by another fellow magic user who has more training and talent than I because I have just started into magic, he told me she may be able to that mark on me without knowing my full name, what I look like, or one of my personal items if she was using very old and very powerful magic. So please tell me if you think she is just roleplaying or if she is being truthful.

              • She is dangerous. Stay away from her. She will turn out to be what she makes out not to be. Take my advice before it is too late for you. I can sense greatness, might, power and all the rest from you. Do not rest your trust in her if you want to fufill your destiny.

                • Really because that’s what she was saying about accalia the warped and twisted. And if I mentioned you she would probably say the same about you. Also I don’t know about my destiny that’s why I went to her because she said she could help. Then accalia said she could help then when I mentioned accalia to Lana she said that her contacts were the darkness and that she may he evil. So I don’t really know who to believe. And how can you tell about my power and about my might. If you want private message me its @wolft that’s if you got your own profile on here.

                  • I am not evil. She accuses me of being evil because I figured out who she is. I will not say who, but only that she is not trustworthy. Abeth/Sira, my friend and now who I work alongside, banishing unwanted Darkness from Hell and human realm, told me to warn you of unfortunate fate. Rethink who you trust, she says, and tread carefully in the waters, for a wrong step can leave you underwater, drowning. Serena (a woman who attached herself to me) senses bad omens. I hope life goes well.

                    May the Light be with thou.

  11. A little werewolf fact, silver bullets don’t kill werewolves just abut any thing will like guns and thing like swords and knives. But we still have regeneration, super speed, and super strangth.

    • It’s sort of true, silver bullets actually melt inside the gun you can only shoot them about thirty feet at best.

      Even using regular bullets you have to be very precise to actually kill a werewolf before we tear your throat out.
      Close combat is generally a bad idea what with claws and teeth and regeneration. The regeneration is faster the stronger the Wolf, some are exceedingly hard to kill.
      A good spear is probably you best option as you’d be able to stay out of the claws range and penetrate our defenses, but like I said before the accuracy required for a quick kill is absurd. And any no quick kill will result in the Wolf taking you with him.

      • A hollow crossbow bolt filled with Oil of Vitriol, or an explosive arrow filled with fluoride/sulfur hexofluoride/oil of vitriol would work quite nicely if you have the accuracy.
        And IceFang, you’re right about a silver bullet melting inside the barrel of a large caliber firearm. But there are several apparatuses that will help remove the excess heat from the weapon.
        For close combat a spear/battle axe would indeed work well if you have the strength and endurance.
        Bullets are relatively useless, except for headshots using high-accuracy expanding ammunition.
        The best combat method would probably be to, by any means possible, inject at least 5 grams of Botox into the body of the opponent. Then RUN, RUN, RUN. This is the most reliable method that will work under almost all circumstances.

  12. Hello, I really need help guys. I’m looking for someone. Razor, we stopped in contact a whole ago, ever since I have stopped turning. If you know a wolf by this name please help me, I need to talk to him. It’s very important, thank you. If you don’t, does anyone know a way I can turn back.

  13. Hello, I need help ASAP. I’m looking for someone. Razor, we lost contact with each other a while ago. Ever since then I stopped turning. If anyone knows him can someone tell him I need help. Romie. If not can someone help me or give me advice on how to turn again. Thank you and please help.

  14. There is no turning back once u give yourself to the wolf and the moon u become it the wolf is u both body and soul the native Americans had a practice they chose a warrior of there tribe to weild this arcane art this wolf spirit to watch the lands to guide there tribe to spy on enemys to know the truth of Mother Earth the spirits of nature knew secrets that were beyond man the rocks the water the soil the trees the caves the sounds the feelings the energies everything the animlals the clan mother of the tribe was very wise indeed the soul of the wolf was given as a great gift nothing to be afraid of it was Mother Natures greatest secrets to see in the eyes of a wolf a bear a egal these were the top spirits of the clans basically secrets of the gods to be blessed with this spirit is a blessing from Mother Nature embrace it do not run or fear it embrace the moon

  15. All the questions u need to see and ask are in the old Native American clans there knowlage is the key of wolf spirit egal and bear the Chiefs of the tribe could speak to the spirits and the gods of old to wield this arcane art lost to time it was a shame they knew so much about the forests the wild the waters

    • They were not alone in such knowledge. But even today they have forgotten the pact. Only the easterners the Mongol shamans still remember the agreement made before the high oak long ago.
      You speak of spirits, I am Fenris. Wolf of the North.
      Message my account here I would speak with you. This knowledge you possess I also have knowledge. A trade?

  16. First one to tell me how to break a fifteen thousand year old curse on me and the other elders wins the continent of Australia.
    Seriously all the weird animals you could ever want.
    How do I shatter the Gleipnir? How do I get free?

  17. Hey. So, I’ve been having a lot of dreams with ghosts in them. My Nonna and Nonno visit me (Nonna and Nonno are Italian for Grandma and Granddad and I am part Italian) and I see the ghost of my beloved dog that passed away in 2014. Also it has become increasingly cold in my house, sometimes I hear loud bangs and faintly hear answers to “Who’s there?!”. Usually it’s “You don’t want to know…” or “You will find out soon…” but other times it’s “Your worst nightmare in spirit form…” or “The ghost that will slaughter you in your dreams…” what is going on?

    • Are you stating your beliefs, suggesting your beliefs, or trying to start a debate?
      I exist whether you believe it or not; wouldn’t Heaven have as much of a chance of existing as I do, whether you believe it exists or not?
      If I don’t believe I’m being hunted, does the chance that I’m being hunted decrease? I doubt.
      You say all Christian religions are based on a lie, but you didn’t say what Christian religions are based on.

      • Look if the christian religion was true the why does the bible fall back on its self so much the religion is good if u can look at what they are talking about but the way Christians have turned everything is to give them a reason to hate so much the bible speaks of loveing one another and yes it also states that man was made for women but it also states that you are not to judge because you will be judged by the heavenly father so go ahead and start what you will but just remember the bible is a test to see how well you will follow it and I’m not trying to be rude but y would it give u things not to do and yet give you examples of people who have in the bible the bible is a way for God to test the people of this world and every person who judges and hate others ways of life is a failure on their part of the religion the Christian religion is built on love but most Christians hate just about everything that they do not see as a way that sets into their way of life I’m sorry if I affend anyone but then again if ur going to speak about religion learn more about it first
        ~ shadowlover101~

        • I have been to Heaven to discuss matters with God. He was supposed to give my shadow-grandfather, Satan, a special “payment” to keep Hell running. He hasn’t done that for thousands of years. Next time we have a vote for who can become the most popular and believed in God that can rule almost everything, we aren’t choosing him, the son-of-a-bitch. A lot there is true but really some of it is lies. He’s just so full of himself and he makes himself seem so holy and pure- but really, in his core, he’s darker than Hell.

  18. Hay i’m not trying to start a fight here I was just saying that there no real definition of perfect only your own definition of perfect and I’m not trying to make you believe in what I believe in ok. ( I’m sick)

  19. Not to be creepy or anything I’m just curious on what school district do you go to and a’ll go ahead and say mine is the isd district.

  20. I must have a question that has got unanswered I am a wolf in mind body and spirit I II got powerful and changed a few people to wolfs with a single bite of my kanines but a dark thing happened a vampire queen sences my power and tried to turn me to a vampire with dark shadow bite astral energy magic i saw her in her shadow form she froze me and started the mark of dracular as I felt my energy my life force go I died was at point of death saw grim but something inside me howled my wolf spirit said no and a white energy wolf form blasted out from my soul and blasted at the queen shadow vampire I used all of my wolf energy but I fainted she was so angry and told me I almost killed her and it was a mistake what happened to me what was this white wolf energy comeing out of me ?

    • I’d like to know who that vampire queen is. I search for her. She killed the White Wolf, banshees, wolves, shapeshifters, seers, witches and deits alike mourned. My whole family craves her bloodshed… it’s driving me crazy. Murdering my flesh and blood is unacceptable. But that white wolf… it was most likely the White Wolf’s revenge. He protected you and most likely was saving the… fun… for later. Sorry if I’m acting strange… Serena had to choose her birthday, didn’t she…

  21. I need help y’all. Just anybody to talk to. My friend cant come out. I apparently am on everyones nervs and most of all my little little sis lifted her leg up to trip me. (for fun) and i got annoyed and just basically playfully yell at her and tool her phone and she hit me hard while i was temporarily disorented and took her phone back. I smacked her back on her leg and then she accused me of ‘slaming’ her phone really hard on the counter. Wich i didnt but i thoughy we were messing around so i made it look like i did but didnt. The point is most recently i am having bad mood swings. And get hungrier and thirsty and tired more easily. Whenever i go to Soccer practice after we :x run two laps and take a short break i only get more pumped to run. Same with after practice . every single time i just want to run and play with somebody until i where myself out. And where ever i go (fast food) i always order crispy chicken sandwich. (although i dont think that bad anything to do with now) ugggg. Idk what to do anymore. This is just so frusterating. And to top it all of my phone keeps auto-correting words to foregn languages like french, spanish And german. And then have to go back and fix it. :x sorry for this to be so long. But i needed to get it out. Thank for listening um reading. :oops: :???:

  22. I think it doesn’t mean anything and like ice wind said it’s probably just a coincidence. And if it dose mean any thing there’s probably nothing to worry about and it would probably effect you positively.

    • You could have told me of this a while ago. I’ll drive them out if you wish. Demons do not stand before servants of the Lord of Light. But remember all times to the Dark will be severed. You will be a child of light.

      In the Name of the Lord of Light I cast you out.
      By the powers of Ice and Fire I cast you out.
      By the power of Iron and the will of my mind I cast you out.
      By the strength of angels and holy things and by this symbol of the light I draw together a shield around this one.
      Let nothing of the Darkness touch her.
      Radiance of Sun,
      Power of Fire
      Splendor of Moon,
      Speed of Lightning,
      Swiftness of Wind,
      Depth of Sea,
      Stability of Earth,
      Firmness of Rock.
      All these powers I call between us and this Evil.

  23. Hello all. So, today has been a strange one. I’ve been devouring food like there’s no tomorrow (and if you’re me, every day could be my last for various reasons), I’ve been so tired I slept more than usual (and my usual is 9:00/10:00) and I wanted to take more naps, I was going to be forced to exercise while being so freaking tired by my father but I sent him a look I didn’t mean to make and he just shut up and left me be. My temper has been rising and so has my resistance to cold. It’s been so, so cold this winter and the temperature has been to different today, I took a steaming shower, got out and I was still warm? (By the way, by “got out” I mean got out of the steamy room, not just the shower.) I’ve been really sensitive too. My dreams have gone cuckoo- literally. It’s all… I don’t know how to describe it. And tomorrow is a full Storm moon. Am I going to shift tomorrow? I haven’t in a while.

  24. Actually, it is possible to know God in this life through a direct relationship. Yet no mortal can see him face to face in this life. Death would be his only souvenir.
    And, Wolf, please be careful who you trust.



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