Lunar Facts For Lycanthropes

Lunar Facts

Mean Distance from Earth (Average): 383,990 km

Distance from Earth at Perigee: 362,570 km

DIstance from Earth at Apogee: 405,410 km

Orbital speed: 3,679.2 km/h

Radius: 1,737.1 km (0.273 Earths)

Mass: 7.3477 x 1022 kg (0.0123 Earths)

Age: 4.5 billion years

Lunar FAQ

Why does the Moon change shape?

- The Moon does not actually change shape but rather the part of the moon that is lit by the sun changes and gives the appearance of the moon changing shape. Soon we will put up a diagram here that explains this more fully.

Time lapse of Lunar phases

How does the Moon influence werewolves?

- What is well known is that the moon and in particular the full moon have a very strong influence on werewolves. Almost all new werewolves and certainly young werewolves experience transformation during the full moon and for 24 hours before and after. 

Older and trained werewolves can control their transformations better but even they experience the pull of the full moon in terms of stronger powers and a higher likelihood of transforming on the full moon. 

Why this happens is less well known, whether it’s due to the pull of gravitational forces or the tricks of the moonlight. This is a very complex issue and we will have more detail on this posted soon.

Does the Moon influence anything else on Earth?

- Yes it certainly does. Tides on the ocean are one such example. The gravitational pull of the Moon pulls the oceans so much that between high tide and low tide the water might rise as much as 16 meters (53 feet).

Lunar Phases

Why does the Moon change?

- The Moon appears to change shape because of the light from the Sun and the system of the Moon orbiting the earth. There will soon be a diagram here to help explain this better.

Glossary of Lunar Terms

Apogee – The point in the Moon’s orbit of the Earth where it is the farthest from the Earth.

Perigee  - The point in the Moon’s orbit of the Earth where it is the closest to the Earth.

Supermoon – When the Full Moon and the Perigee (closest point to the Earth) occur at the same time it creates an effect known as a Supermoon which causes very high tides and very intense and powerful werewolf transformations.

Moon Age - The moon’s lunar cycle that lasts about 29 days. The moon age is the number of days since the beginning of that cycle which starts at 0 with the New Moon.

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  1. my spirit wolf’s mother sacrificed her life for my dragon guardian who is free but now my spirit wolf is the alpha of her pack and its hard for her. My dragon guardian is healing in the Dragon kingdom now.

    • Then perhaps the panserbjourne have served their purpose my dear child? And I give your guardian the healing essence of Apollo. Perhaps your guardian should meet with my mashin when better.

  2. Hi two questions

    1) I’m a lightning wolf so I don’t know when’s my transformation

    2) Can I join a Alpha pack I don’t care

    • Ok one child you will change on your moon when you are ready for transformation, two child I would pick wisely and carefully perferaly an pack of your origin of wolf not to mention you will have to pass their test, so be ready and prepare yourself. Or child you could have your own pack whatever path you take is up to you.

    • Alpha pack? My young pup, any pack is just like any other. :grin: But beware of who you mingle with. I shouldn’t be saying that because it’s ironic. Being best friends with Satan’s shadow sister smh. I’m also shadow related to that girl so I guess I’m evil by shadow :lol: But seriously… dark times for wolves… dark times. And 18 days I can’t wait 18 days :x

  3. yes well she almost died last night, I’m still not sure if she is alive though. I have not heard from Essuia yet, that person is the leader of the dragon army.

        • I probably should told sooner but you must keep it an absolute secret got its and you must promise on the river of Styx before I tell you which means you only tell people when I feel comfortable for you too no matter what situation you have to promise…..

                • what I meant is you should find the dragon’s fire of shangrilla, it was made of the summer storm, the winter’s maw, the fall hammer and the bow of spring, it gives one the ability to control the seasons like each of the guardians at once, it can also make a light to dispel the darkness, for it can be the brightest light or the darkest temptation, for if you so choose to do so, instead of dispelling darkness you can imbue it and command it, but that is risking your very soul, for only dragons and gods know how to get to shangrilla. Even then only the original four guardians know how to wield it’s power, that even pandora’s box could not compare to how dangerous the dragon’s fire can be for instead of locking evil away it can merge with it and you, that light should mingle with darkness is like forcing heaven to merge with hell.

                  • Since I live in Puerto Rico, where summer seemingly never ends I am the most dominant of the four guardians here, look to the skies and receive all the wisdom of the stars, look to the earth and find the strength to protect the people you love, but look to the horizon and find both wisdom and strength as well as power to bring dawn to darkness

  4. Are you a real werewolf because im an alpha with a pack of 4 people… Well we’re an alpha pack and thats not what we look like when we shift

        • Then you have an amulet of the elements what an honor that is…..I have one myself forge by the Jeanne de ark herself….so are you an Katio?….. Cause only reincarnations or relatives can wear it or hear its secrets….

          • I have no memories of pasts lives or what is a katio, all I know is that those witches had bound this stone to my neck, it burns but tells me in whispers grave secrets best left buried. What is a katio and could we really be kin, me a mortal who’s blood burns blue and who’s kindness cares all, I may be a dragon but a god’s kin, hmmmm first of all what is a katio?

            • Season unending, war undying, darkness unyielding, light forever binding. The iron maws of winters howl, the mighty storm hammer, the mind deceiver, the world eater shall charge but fall then to rise in unison to end the foul titans grasp.

            • Oh well if your not one I’m not allow to tell you cause it’s kinda like secret identity super hero….but I give you an hint has something to do with beautiful paintings and demons….and angels….I think mortals have documents and some type of info on my job on the internet….cause mortals know things but they kinda don’t ya get me…..

              • The stone told me it whispers foul things to come. The lands will break, the seas will rise, the winds will rage to burn out the sky, foul darkness most ancient rises again on black wings tainted. Sound your battle cry at the gates of Asgard or swing your battle axe at the gates of oblivion. I am no god, I am a drache, a respected creature among mythos, Fenrir did you not encounter one of my kind before and when he swore to protect your kin when you we’re imprisoned did it not create the dragon wolves, does not your icy blood flow through the ice wolves of whom my father howls akin to. You are wulven blud, I am drache blud, Scarlett is deit blud. But remember, from light comes dark, from good comes evil and from heaven comes hell. Sohkrivenm thrushul wulven, devatian oscuris.

              • They know but do not understand what they know here I was thinking you hated secrets, if ye will not help me in this hour of dire search for truth then who will, I am in between realms of light and dark a shadow that cast itself out from darkness to stand in light, but honestly which is better to be born good or to overcome you dark nature through great effort I now uphold light with dark that evil may give good a purpose, a drive but this dark one is a shadow that has grown greedy and arrogant and now seeks to rewrite the cosmos as he sees fit, I would not agree, dark must balance light not overtake it

                • I truly dislike secrets I think of them as the whispers of death….it’s better to tell all then to hide your mistake…. We aren’t born good…no one is…we aren’t born bad either…our fates and our choices can be bad or good but we our selfs can’t be good or bad just whole…

                  • Yes none a born good or bad, but the dragons are different, we are born with a sense of greed and pride and I no exception, it took me great effort to overcome this, but there was once a time when I hated all of creation, a time when my desire to rule over mortals was intolerable, so sinful was I once it turned my blood black and so I was rightly named Evil Angel by my mortal friends a name that still stands to this day. But I learned to love the world and it’s people and swore to protect the island, but in the event of my blood turning black I lost a dragons inherent ability to learn magic. There are few mortals I would intervene in their lives directly, those few whom I believe can make the world better, those I watch over, when I see a smile on a child’s face it makes me feel guilty of the events that led to the evil that corrupts me.

                    • That was in the long ago, though I have long since been changed the mark remains. But I do not regret for a moment what I became, for it lead to who I am now.

    • Now right now child….he he he child……what an coincidence … Oh I feel an little bit better just don’t go in the woods child…….I mean it…..

          • I have also seen the black eyes in the fog. I have had dreams were I am in my wolf, and I would be running, and then the whole seems to be swallowed by darkness. As a hunter wolf this disturbs me greatly.

            • He more powerful than you think especially when I “secret”…..raven you know what I mean….. I kill him once now he is going down for good……I mean it he likes to torture me it his best way of getting what he wants and now I not playing his game I making my own rules now…..

        • Don’t look in them they kill you before you are on the ground…. He sucks all life out of you… He is evil….. I will not fall over to his darkness……and I’m not scare of his stolen powers…. I’ll see him right through any hour…. Eyes on fire…. Spine ablaze… An liar to his graze….gotta locket in my pocket…. Take this one to the grave…. Gotta secret gotta keep it…. Cause one of us are already dead…

          • But when the purest light becomes as black as sin, so shall awaken the darkness within for when your a god there is no grave, just the ashes of the vile and knave, for when a dragon stares we do not scare for it is a knife to the thief, a flame to the brave, a coin to the greedy and a judge to the slave. .

            • That is where you are wrong there is an grave for gods more like an demension…..only gods, spirits of love ones of the gods, and the mashin of the magic knight that is the creator of an world only known by heart not by brain(me)……

                • Someone sent witches to my forest on the lightning moon, they performed black magics on my sacred ground who’s trees have stood since the forefathers of my forefathers, they paid dearly as I immediately ripped them apart, for none should challenge an angry dragon where my great grandfather lies buried, but before I ripped them to shreds, they cast something, a red stone flew out of one of their hands, it lodged itself in my neck, it stings, but the voices the horrible voices, they say the devourer of souls cometh. I doubt that this will be the last I hear of these witches, nor is it the last time I will have to fight alone. Something is targeting the guardians and you, it’s not a coincidence, something evil knows we are here, it has sent sickness to you, it has sent witches to me.

                  • Di immortalies…. That … Don’t want to swear…. He the one behind I already executed 79 witches from that evil clan looks like he found good minds to steal and influence arr…. I gotta kill…. I gotta Kill him… I gonna kill him… Not to mention he practically kidnap my lover and made go in hysterics because of it and I finally find him on the forest floor cold as heck… Wet… And needing of care…..even if I am weak not from him dear child but of an reason I not gonna tell anybody about but I did tell raven claw but she’s under the promise of the river of Styx so don’t thing about asking her…

                • They don’t really die just kinda vanquish…. But only for if no one prays to them any more or if you drain their blood , cut their heads, and uh…. Too graphic sorry…. It makes me shiver just thinking about it….

                  • I can not even say or write thing correctly … I need sleep but it’s scary to sleep the things I see the things I see … Pretty unusual that goddess of dreams is afraid of going to sleep I know but if you saw what i seen I am pretty sure you would be scare too…

                    • Trust me with what i’ve seen in my “dreams” for the past five years i think I can handle it, I would never go behind your back to ask raven of a precious secret of yours, the world needs secrets makes things fun, stirs up the pot once in a while, this stone around my neck what is it? It burns so much. If you don’t sleep on the other hand the nightmares will follow you into the day and eventually you’ll be so weak there would be no way you could defeat gaea if it awakes, it is far better to sleep through a nightmare, then to live with madness, it would eventually consume your mind, body and soul, try to sleep if you can, if you can’t there is nothing further I can say, for I am not a god.

  5. I feel soooo sick…. I never am sick not ever…… Owwww…. And I awoke with two small punctures on the back of my neck….. I thought he couldn’t get in without being invited….. Unless he found an loop hole or something time for an little magic yah…..

      • That’s where you are wrong again they the monsters of night can only enter buildings that are public for homes or houses places where humans inhabit as an eat or sleep they must be invited in…..other that they may enter it’s the power of the house that protects humans……. Not the invitation if you invite them in you forfeit your protection from the house where they can come in anytime but if you cancel the invite you can still be protected…. But I never invited him and neither did my host family…..

          • Nope the same all together been like that for years…. No new breeds no old ones….but it all consists of the power they obtain…. Since mortals have the most power on the food chain the more one feeds on it the more they gain power…. But it also limits their abilities like they couldn’t cross over moving water or be able to enter buildings as easily as an weaker vamp…..

            • there aren’t many creatures that i know, there are the dyan in my town, the elder tree but i just call him Drem, there’s Beithir the demon and once I even spoke with a demi-god, though he never told me his name but I could smell his blood, it smelled sickeningly sweet, he left after a while, just disappeared, i’m not like any other of my fellow guardians you see my blood is colored dark blue

    • I didn’t know he was turned…..oh bad bad….curses….stupid di immortalies…so multumesc……meaning thanks in Romanian by the great vaca spot…..

        • There not many people here sooo…..before I tell my secret you guys have to swear on the river of Styx…..I know you did when I hear thunder… don’t try to trick me…. So you must keep all the things I say in the site here and only here got it…’s dangerous that I’m going to say this so that’s why I don’t want anybody to know. This secret that I hold in my hands right now. This is why I’m weak and this is why everything that has happened… I’m sorry I should of told you guys sooner….I put your lives in danger…I’m sorry…I can’t stop the tears… I really am sorry……but first I wanna hear your guesses to what’s wrong with me… Raven claw you can’t guess since you already know so don’t give them hints….

          • Not much going on wonder why…. It’s bad that’s why it’s truly chaos out there…gods I am tire but have an job to do even thought he gonna get mad at me for staying up so late tonight but I have to no choice otherwise I just doom the world from lack of work can’t afford laziness…owww it hurts……. Oh lover of mine silly silly….always worrying about everything else but him self… No wonder he got himself half freeze to death because of that….

            • I can’t do nothing but love him back he sooo nice and I need to stop because I really think it’s embarrassing to say aloud….but some people thinks it is cute beats me why……

          • I can guess you have given in to darkness, or you have awoken gaea yourself, i swear on the river styx that I shall guard your secret just as I guard my lands, I can also guess that you’ve performed blood magic o0r even hmmm interesting it appears I’m guessing you have sold your soul though I doubt that.

            • I swear as well my people and I are those of whom you may trust. And I will protect it with my very life. I may not be a godess, or be of Greek decent, but I will swear on the raganoks coming to protect your secret.

              • Ok….. I’m prego….but not in the way you think,,,,,,it’s kinda like an mortal’s way but mixed in Athena’s brain children…. This is bad and good but mostly bad….. Raven claw can tell you all about it…..

  6. It’s not even close…… Oh wow….. Really….. I know for an fact I wouldn’t trade my soul to my own god dad…. I pretty sure he doesn’t want so soon….

          • Your the one that said guess i’m really bad at guessing, though i’m good at tricking Halloween is on the horizon, when all creatures of dark come to life, when ghosts and ghouls have their fun, when me and my brothers roar to the sound of thunder. It’s my favorite holiday, the one day of the year I can be a creature on the outside publicly as I am on the inside and outside(privately). It’s when I bend so many rules.

            • I didn’t think you would guess such ridiculous things I might be in an heap of trouble right now but I wouldn’t go that far jeez….. I not foolish nor dumbfounded…..

              • no but everyone makes mistakes, even I admit to my… horrible mistakes, my mind guesses the least likely possibilities first so I don’t get surprised by the answers, it’s maddening I know, but I heard you were in trouble, so much blood on the mind is eventually bad for the soul. I never said I thought you were foolish, when did I say such, I believe in you, I must for it is the best course of action. Don’t be hard on yourself, you have many responsibilities to tend to, I wish you luck old one.

                • Hey don’t get soft on me child I’m not made of paper I’m made of escudo so I’m can handle the heat I’m going to stay in the kitchen for quite awhile even if I get burn….

                  • It’s not being soft it’s being supportive, get burned in the kitchen all you want, just remember burn the fire with courage. I can be as greeting as the sunshine or as cold as the grave but I will always support those who need it. To hold a mountain you need smaller stones. Ye be the escudo and i’ll be the espada, alone we thrive but together we are whole, just a big puzzle but we have to put in the pieces old one.

              • I too would swear oath to keep such a secret and though we have quarreled I hope you do not think me capable of breaking my word.

  7. This is miss idle I come to give prochecy……the darkness light… Comes to fight….what was made…. Can be slayed….have no heart… And be no part… To ones who cry….. Can be lie……what no ones knows….. Truly shows…..when level thinking….and evil slinking….grow with doubt….be short of faith……bring no sword to war….and no weapons of choice…. For what victory comes to wisdom we always rejoice….she the one will fight….she the one who bores an child….she the one will rise before the moonlight…..she the one comes graceful not wild….. She the one will help save what was once lost… the light will bring the moth…..I slumber once more in her soul…..good-bye for now…..

    • When did I say this…. Oh miss idle my inner oracle did that why does she have to use my body to do all the typing…

      • Must be an interesting person here I don’t know who….. Or an person with an interesting fate….hmmmm…… Wow….is it possible to get night sickness instead of morning sickness…..oh and such weird cravings I wanted my favorite type of animal(mountain lion) to feed on I am part vamp from my real father’s side he an commander chief in are army and he had to earn it… many scars on him even thought I never see him at all……also I don’t gain much but that’s normal because all witches when pregnant don’t gain much or get real big bellies that’s because when witches are born they have to prove themselves by surviving the first night without dying since we’re born soo small that’s why I died…. But I was rebirth….given an second chance I guess by the gods…it’s also why I don’t have my name on the web or docs because I the lost goddess of Autumn the time for sleep the time for dreams….you know the rest of my story so I’m not gonna continue….

    • Are you dumb…. You can’t control it…. It comes when the power knows your well being is ready….there is only one way you can control it and that’s if your special….

    • Oh… My apologizes please pardon my rudeness I’m not myself these days….if you knew my backstory you would see why I’m so…I don’t even know an word for it…

  8. I’m dead pale…I can’t breathe because I not breathing…. The black eyes staring down on me….I feel nothing….I…i can’t get up….I’m seem frozen…fear across my face….the blood….the blood is everywhere…’s EVERYWHERE……I can’t breathe….I….I’m dead…..he laughing….but deep inside I see images….so fast….blurry….but I still see them clear as day….then I hear an voice like an angels but I can’t speak…..I can’t say anything….I’m dead….dead…..I hear his voice so sweet….I want him to keep speaking to me…..but his voice fades….I see nothing but blackness….then I awake from my dream I dreamth my own death….no miss idle made me dreamth my death……DEAD…..

  9. No…NO!!!!….go away go away…..I don’t want to see the eyes again….leave me alone…..please…..PLEASE…….noooo…..

  10. Dinagharrhem, sohklot tel fanim trushem drache mortalis cuaten, oscuris consum im pari ankus, zon devahn wunslad. The stone, it burns!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! it eats it’s way into my essence, the voices won’t stop!!!!!!!!!!!!! they whisper in my ear, telling me, commanding, knowing they cannot for I will never yield, the madness spreads in my mind, sin spreads in my heart and darkness corrupts my soul. I’ll find them, i’ll rip them apart for what they have done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gunahrhim will pay!!!!!!!!! demon or no, none cross a dragon!!!!!!!!!

      • Would you expect any less words from a drache, demons dare cross me, it infuriates me at the very thought. I am drache morte, the blood of Shen Lung flows threw my veins like a river, that my breath is eternal summer of Puerto Rico, I am sibling to the winter snows and spring flowers. I am friend of the rainbows of fall, my honor will not let me reject a deliberate challenge, my duty will not allow me to let a demon go free. I am not immortal but i am not dying yet, not by a long shot respant deit de sueños dominans drem

  11. Stupid di immortalies I forgot to tell ya guys I’ll be on my island for an bit….problems with mortals…..only an week or two and only at night….I went on an stroll today in the woods I felt completely sick from the animals….I had actually almost past out….he had to carry me back…..ohh…my head aches and my mashin calls me forth and I’m so weak I can’t even answer back…time for the hunt and time for magic….

  12. My heart is happy for of your words but why help the one who has failed and has no soul I have nothing left to give if I had anything to sacrifice….I can’t speak pf the sadness that fills my heart for that I have cry and shed tears but tears will only make me stronger… heart breaks an little each day and pretty soon there will be nothing left…..

    • A god who’s heart has been swayed, look at yourself, your a GOD for crying out loud, you let your insignificant heart command you, it may be broken, but it is not lost, Rise god of dreams, princess of witches, daughter of undead, the moon is full the horsemen ride. You have done what none could pose you have gotten sympathy from a DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, we are not known for being kind and caring I can assure you, but you are one such that I would bare my teeth for. RISE UP tread the lowest darkness to find the brightest light.

  13. Good hunting all, full moon and an eclipse!
    I have feelings a werewolf pack is going to be coming back to my town also. When they lived near here I used to run with them in my astral form when I slept though I was not a werewolf. Still not a werewolf either, but that doesn’t bother me.

  14. Miss sparkle please this is and is not the time to be happy there is Gaea bout awake and lots of other bad bad things happening around you just look through the veil of magic that blinds your eyes and you’ll see what I mean child…..

    • Recently I’ve been very cranky, having panic attacks that last HOURS, feeling very shaken and constantly seeing every light and thinking it’s something’s eyes… coincidence? And the pain in my side… I am not one to complain to top this off! Time for the sprinkles, my shapeshifter friend has been having technical difficulties with all electronics, as well with my brother, and my battery is down to 70% having 1 thing open, 1 brightness and no keyboard lighting. My laptop is being moved by a force and making me look over to a strange shadow with black eyes… my eyes are rolling into my head and I can’t breathe properly…

  15. IT HAS BEGUN!!! Prepare for battle little ones I have an feeling it’s gonna be a good battle very good….and so the last prophecy is yet to be fulfill: earth cover with darkness as if always night…..the one will shine through with her glowing light…. The prophecy has been here for the beginning of time and witches have talk of her now here I stand flesh and blood….wish me as much as luck as possible it’s gonna be an long battle as well an good one to fight……

    • Andraste the shining one, the light bringer
      that is the druids old name for her.
      Yes it has begun the eldar are returning we too shall fight. Though the dark is rising we shall stand against it Fenrir and Odin stand united this world shall not fall

  16. Could someone help? There is a slight chance I could be a werewolf. I am a witch who was taught that meditating is part of the basics. Well when I meditate and think about wolves I always see this grey wold with red eyes and I feel that it might be me, or is close to me. I sometimes look at the magick me, and I see that wolf. Well I was meditating one day of course and I tried to call to that wolf and I heard a growl and then I heard, No not yet… To early, soon the moon. Since that day it is like my mind keeps slipping from reality, or I m-shift (mental shift). Last night I felt like I would split from my skin and I was freaking out because the energy in the air was bad. When I woke up this morning I was exaughested, but my cloths were fine and I was still in my bed.

  17. Hey I made it out alive for once I had some luck….I’m pretty bang up but alive…owww I really didn’t think i had an chance…..

    • I’m not an good teacher let alone tutor heh heh not good experience with it before heh heh last time I tried I ended up doing and other spell instead heh heh yeah……not good results….

  18. I have none to say my heart broke one too many times….I have cried more than the sea itself…..all life is depended on just my fragile heart….I have no soul for it has been swept away from me….I suffer every time I take an breath….. So why is it that we hurt each other why say such things….why do we need power or importance…..I have killed and shed their blood but see no purpose if it hurts me more than the one I killed….so why do I see such violence…..why do I still tear up when I see people being hurt…..tell me why….please tell me….why I still raise my blade…..

    • For those who cannot fight those that are to weak to defend themselves. Even if you feel their pain you cannot stop, and you cannot forget. For that pain is what.keeps you alive and binds you to the light.

      • You raise a blade because you swore an oath to protect innocent souls, question the reason and you question your duty. I bare my teeth for I swore an oath and must uphold my duty, that keeps me alive knowing that if I die it was for something greater then myself, I see the smiles f children from the shadows, it pains me greatly to keep that light shining brightly without them knowing, but I know it is worth it.

        • Just even if I protect one person….I feel happiness because I saved them from the darkness that would rot their hearts inside out….tearing their souls from their very existence….but I feel guilt knowing I couldn’t save them all….

          • In the line of duty you must make these choices save a thousand for one or save one for a thousand, this is the life we have chosen, though I cannot save them all those I cannot manage to save I would love to guide to the fields of Elysium myself, but I cannot go, the way to me is shut, when I die i’ll not go to Elysium, Tartarus or Limbo, I know not of what will happen to my soul after my body fails me but for that end I’d rather go down fighting then waiting to be killed, maybe then my immortality will come in the form of my legacy on the world.

            • Maybe you’ll go to the fields of asphodel(not the greatest place but better than the fields of punishment I guess)… I don’t really like the fact that there is judges when you die…..but maybe there is something I don’t understand….I’ll figure it out….I didn’t have the greatest week and now it Monday….I hate some things but love other things….I’m too tired-OUCH! And I thought the horse swore badly. I told you I would put back in place….did ya have to do that like seriously man that freakin hurt….yeah yeah a blah blah nag nag….gosh I hate giants and titans and crap….

              • Well we’re not all that bad, just some grew to be so moronic and proud they seem stupid and this is coming from their sibling, but hey every family has that one individual. Well drache, son, I don’t know where you will go either, you may even enter Canava, hall of rebirth or since you defend the innocent and will likely die in battle you could go to Odin’s hall

                • Oh no I think personally Zeus is just too proud and won’t except any help whatsoever…and people thought I WAS stubborn… Frankly I give up trying to reason with the guy…

                  • Maybe I knocked a few screws back then, I had heard he closed Olympus for a while, yet amoung the Olympians there is one I still hate, Ares, spreading war and chaos, he released me with intention of overthrowing Zeus

  19. No…pain is what gets you killed….pain is when the state of heart is weak and takes the pain because it feels it can’t do anything else……pain is what we suffer when we can’t help the ones we love….pain is what we get when we don’t go along with the world….when we are different….. As someone great once told me…..never let pain or suffering not even hate fill your heart because you will always regret it… I took the advice as if it was my soul that I don’t have….and ever since I have never let those be in my heart but I still feel pain…..I feel the suffering….I feel the hate….but the one thing I’ll never not feel is the love that is in there that’s what keeps me alive…..I known so much in such little time but at least I know why I’m fighting….evil is not made born but of everything that leads up to that….. I raise my blade my glowing heart to protect not to harm…..I will find hope in the most desperate times and may the love always shine through the darkness…..

      • I think you mistake hardness as strength since you just said pain is what keeps you alive so you can’t take it back cause it’s there for the world to know…..

        • Pain is what I thrive on, for without pain how can we know happiness, anger, sadness or regret, do not forsake it even though it hurts, it’s natural even for a god to feel pain, without pain we would have no souls for tears would not exist and you would not cry at the death of a family member.

  20. So. I heard a voice last night on Hallowe’en, it spoke in my head. It said, “Go to the window child…”
    I went near the window but I felt something bad out there so I told it know, I see its trick. The voice replied. “Hehe smart child, maybe you will survive the…” (I forgot what it said maybe it said night or winter? Not sure.)

    • Don’t look at me I didn’t do that….maybe I did but maybe I didn’t fully did it?….maybe it was an furie or oh gosh maybe miss idle I’m gonna find her and…..oww… happen again it was Friday I was just resting and thinking and then I suddenly woke somewhere else I think it was manhattan?….don’t know but I forget everything after that…..soo black and quiet….I think I passed out majorly….

        • How the heck do I know….you do realize I have no idea I did say I was passed out for like three days and have not an clue what I did in those three days only to wake up somewhere in New York….but I will tell you I’m completely good but since no one can be 100% good I do have an ark angel her name is nova but she’s lock up and shall never get out…..

  21. I HATE BOYS THEY ARE SO HURTFUL AND I HATE THEM…..I….I…ABSOLUTELY LOATHE THEM….you know breaking an witch’s heart is serious business and that’s exactly what happen Stupid mortal did it argh well I the foolish one in this as well but can’t help it an witch may feel for mortals but it just hurts her more she should’ve got out of there when she had the chance… I’m wasting tears over something stupid oh so stupid….I’m not doing a good job with covering this up am I? Well I know I’ll just sing cause it will make feel better and to make it better I’m gonna sing to my baby my fane…..lovely lovely beautiful makes me happy anytime…’s what I’m singing: deep in the meadow…Under the willow….a bed of grass…a soft green pillow….lay down your head and close your sleepy eyes….and in the morning the sun will rise….here it is safe…here it is warm… the daisies guard you from every harm… your dreams are sweet….and tomorrow brings them true… is the place where I love you…….deep in the meadow….hidden far away…. A cloak of leaves…a moonbeam ray…..forget your woes…and let your troubles lay…..and in the morning they’ll wash away… it is safe….here it is warm….here the daisies guard you from every harm… your are dreams are sweet….and tomorrow brings them true….here is the place where I love you…….

        • It sounds like your an decendent of either an witch or an oracle….but Since you feel your more likely to be an decendent of an witch… diffinally
          Have sight if you see that but the only reason I’m saying your more likely to be an decendent of an witch is because genectics skip an generation in humans and because you see things that can become not past, present, or future…..

            • As raven said I hope your not an Demi-god the Demi-gods are in a bit of a struggle now….and I’m glad we figure out the sight thing trust it’s all normal you won’t be as connected as me where you feel things real strong and have an oracle who likes to take over my body for three to four days which leads you not knowing what you did in those day and you have to find out yourself…..

              • Well, it is kind of awkward to explain. See, I am a legend. Not something from the history books, but a race. All legends are demi-gods, don’t know how, but we all are. Not many people know about the legends either, I didn’t know I was one since a year or so ago. There is a lot about me I haven’t said.

                • I know…I would sometimes sneak through the hidden passages and listen to conversations of the scholars and knights and other parties…sometimes I would end up at the wrong room :oops:….

  22. not anther demi god……I’m not sure if I’m one Scarlett hasn’t replied to my email bout that one yet but I’m getting there! Hey isn’t the full moon on Sunday? I think I’m ready for my shift….but I want wings…something deep inside me……I see a black where black wolf with wings so dark they look almost purple in the sunlight..all I want is to be able to fly with my own wings…..and be able to run as a wolf would…leader of the pack…..

    • Oh thank goodness your back we seem to start the party without you….and plus I need help cleaning it up…..I hope the thing with your mother would stop and about the Demi-god thing I didn’t get an response from Chiron yet I think their under attack… the way I hope my angel arrived because he’s just lazy or has some excuse that he forgot….and it all worked out with the challenge thing too I’ll email you what all happen this morning…..

  23. well I won’t be back for that long I can only be on the site during the weekend. Thank my mother for that :evil: right now something about her just makes me…….yick…..she has these weird ways of ‘punishing’ me………..its terrible. ON THE OTHER HAND!!! I was looking at the moon last night and I wasn’t really thinking about shifting I was just looking at the moon cause it was pretty. But then it got a bit hard to breath and my chest hurt and my rib cage hurt and my legs buckled and it was kinda hard to walk. But I was with my mum and siblings walking into Wal-Mart but we were in the parking lot so I was running and it felt SO good!!! I loved the feeling of the cold against my skin cause my skin felt prickly AND it felt WEIRD!!! But it was weird cause I felt like I could run forever and I had all this energy it was crazy! But then I was in the store but when I closed my eyes I see the night sky and moon.

    • Oh but to feel what the moon’s light feels like is better….but to feel an aurora not that’s feels amazing…. So yeah it’s definably worth being cold for that….to feel all that power surge back to me is what the doctor call for….

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