Lunar Facts For Lycanthropes

Lunar Facts

Mean Distance from Earth (Average): 383,990 km

Distance from Earth at Perigee: 362,570 km

DIstance from Earth at Apogee: 405,410 km

Orbital speed: 3,679.2 km/h

Radius: 1,737.1 km (0.273 Earths)

Mass: 7.3477 x 1022 kg (0.0123 Earths)

Age: 4.5 billion years

Lunar FAQ

Why does the Moon change shape?

- The Moon does not actually change shape but rather the part of the moon that is lit by the sun changes and gives the appearance of the moon changing shape. Soon we will put up a diagram here that explains this more fully.

Time lapse of Lunar phases

How does the Moon influence werewolves?

- What is well known is that the moon and in particular the full moon have a very strong influence on werewolves. Almost all new werewolves and certainly young werewolves experience transformation during the full moon and for 24 hours before and after. 

Older and trained werewolves can control their transformations better but even they experience the pull of the full moon in terms of stronger powers and a higher likelihood of transforming on the full moon. 

Why this happens is less well known, whether it’s due to the pull of gravitational forces or the tricks of the moonlight. This is a very complex issue and we will have more detail on this posted soon.

Does the Moon influence anything else on Earth?

- Yes it certainly does. Tides on the ocean are one such example. The gravitational pull of the Moon pulls the oceans so much that between high tide and low tide the water might rise as much as 16 meters (53 feet).

Lunar Phases

Why does the Moon change?

- The Moon appears to change shape because of the light from the Sun and the system of the Moon orbiting the earth. There will soon be a diagram here to help explain this better.

Glossary of Lunar Terms

Apogee – The point in the Moon’s orbit of the Earth where it is the farthest from the Earth.

Perigee  - The point in the Moon’s orbit of the Earth where it is the closest to the Earth.

Supermoon – When the Full Moon and the Perigee (closest point to the Earth) occur at the same time it creates an effect known as a Supermoon which causes very high tides and very intense and powerful werewolf transformations.

Moon Age - The moon’s lunar cycle that lasts about 29 days. The moon age is the number of days since the beginning of that cycle which starts at 0 with the New Moon.

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  1. Hello my name is ivy and I don’t know what I am,When people take pictures of me in the pictures there are dark shadows all around me, I wake up in the mornin my skin is all dirty and half the time covered in ashes, I get the worst dreams about fires and deaths days or weeks before they happen,I wake up in my ditch and everything smells like fire, and I always feel like my insides on fire. I’m so scared I’m going to hurts someone

                • actually a hell hound can be any type of dog, the most likely form of a hell hound is a Rottweiler type hell beast. There is such thing as a Were-Hell-Beast, also know as a person who can transform into a Hell Hound or Hell Brute and is very rare in some areas of the type. YOU CAN NOT LOOK IT UP because people believe they don’t exist and they didn’t put it in the mythology or in other places because it is so rare. I know some things about werecreatures, but not all of them because it can be very hard, like in my case I don’t know anything.

              • A hellhound is a spectral dog that can be see often a the Bearer of death. It is half the time seen as the cause of death and the other half seen as a guide to take people to the underworld. It guards places of death such as cemeteries or other places associated with death. It is seen as a black dog or wolf with glowing red or yellow eyes with supernatural speed and strength. Legends, myth, and folklore state if you see them more than three times you will surely Parrish. Look up more on the hellhound subject.

              • A hellhound is a spectral dog that can be see often a the Bearer of death. It is half the time seen as the cause of death and the other half seen as a guide to take people to the underworld. It guards places of death such as cemeteries or other places associated with death. It is seen as a black dog or wolf with glowing red or yellow eyes with supernatural speed and strength. Legends, myth, and folklore state if you see them more than three times you will surely Parrish. Look up more on the hellhound subject. Good luck. Hope you find what you are looking for.

        • a hell hound is a satanic beast who usually serves the devil and lives in hell. so that would explain the ashes and the aura.

      • Can someone plz explian why i always get headaches before a full moon i already know im a werewolf but i just dont understand why i get them

    • I talked to my coven about ivy’s problem and they said that ivy is Hades Gate Keeper meaning ivy keeps souls like us, the werecreatures in line or other passing souls. My coven knows a lot more than I do and they can be very helpful for people like with Ivy’s place of concern. More than likely you wont hurt anyone Ivy, but you ever would, it would be towards a werecreatures or passing soul.

    • Dear Ivy,
      it is quite clear to me that your element is fire. If you answer the following questions honestly you will most likely have your answer to what you are. Have you ever shifted, or been bitten by a large dog-like creature of any sort? You can also do some family research as I am a pure-blood, lycan on both sides. I hope this can help you. Hunt well and swift, my friend. – Aria

    • Well yes you could be a hellhound/Cerberus but u could also be a Draconian, or Weredragon, but I’m not completely sure, since I’m a Werewolf. I’m actually more considered Wolfblood, though

    • Bow, arrow, spear. One for distance, one for close combat… FOR MOONPACK’S SAKE GO AWAY MOSQUITOES!!!!

      Moonpack is the Dew Werewolf term for heaven. If you read Warrior Cats see Starclan

  2. You decide. Everyone has their own idea as to what a werewolf is. Some say weres are strictly shapeshifters, others say that weres are strictly therianthropes, still others believe that the wolf is a part of their entire being- body, mind, and spirit.
    Whatever you want to believe, believe it.

    • Does that explains the spirits I see and the voices of little kids I hear? And every time I black out I find that I dream about the souls of creatures in some kind of dark place

        • Yes, Ivy. The all those are correct, the souls represent the lost souls that need helps getting back to where they are suppose to go. The souls of the animals is Werecreatures and regular animals. A Werecreature is a person who can transform into a different animal other than a werewolf, just letting you know that if don’t know what they are. I have a Werepanther friend, so I know a lot of things.

          • I have a couple of werecreature friends but now they seem scared when I’m around.I don’t want to hurt them or make them scared of me

  3. But like, that’s common so don’t be like “OMFG I FALL ASLEEP ON DA BUS SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH MEH” that’s how I read it

  4. Hey so I’m pretty sure I’m a werewolf but I have some questions. like when is the first shift? Is there an age limit or does it just depend? can you shift with braces in? thanks :smile:

    • Yes, you can shift with braces in. And no, it doesn’t brake the braces, either. I’m about to get braces actually, and I’m a Wolfblood.
      Also, your first shift can depend. I have shifted before, but I can’t really remember the times I have. Sometimes you don’t.

  5. I was talking to devron. Not you. And fear me? no, i don’t want your fear. Allot of you do though. But its not what i want. And you didn’t make my kind fenrir, Or fenris. Which ever you choose. my name is razor. And what is mine cant be stripped. I am an alpha. And i dont play games. So tell me, what would the great fenrir be doing on a page like this?

  6. I did not miss spell. What Mary is saying sounds similar to that I keep seeing now an then and keep being stalked by and if that thing has black smoke literally coming off of it like stem but much slower then she really doesn’t have anything to worry about

  7. There is a old house in the on the edge of my property, me and my cousin were walking by and I kept hearing a ticking noise. I went in and all I could feel was there was something bad watching me. I don’t remember much of the next couple of days, but I do remember whatever it was it wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen

  8. Hi. I’m not sure if I’m a werewolf or not. One day I woke up with random scars on my legs. It looked like something clawed them. They never hurt though, if anything they get really itchy. Before that though I thought that I might be a genetic werewolf. Can someone help me?

    • The scars may mean that something evil that you cannot see is in your house and really wants to hurt you. Did the scars show up after a particular dream perhaps a dream of you as a wolf? If that is so then you may have had a transformation and the scratches could be from you getting into fight.

      • Hi. Sorry for replying so late. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that I had a dream of being a wolf that night. Thanks for the help!

  9. From reading these comments I have learned some but I still have questions. I hope they can be answered as I do not understand the things that go on in my life. For years now I have had dreams of a white wolf and a black wolf. I never understood them until I realized I was the white wolf in the dreams. I have had the dreams for 3 years now. Each one different from the one before. Then I started having dreams in the past year of me with blue eyes and sometimes dreams of a wolf standing in my mirror in my room. Just weird events that I have no answers for. With the dreams of my eyes turning blue I have noticed certain times of the night my eyes are not green but indigo blue. It just has recently started happening. One thing that also has happened recently was this past week I woke up in the middle of the night with my legs feeling like they were burning. I thought it was restless leg syndrome. When I got up and went over to my door my body went numb and I could feel myself falling over about to pass out. I hurried back to my bed and laid there thinking i was dying and thats all I remember. I just know that it scared me but hasnt happened again since then. I keep up with the moon phases and the night that happened it happened to be a new moon. Now the dreams I have seem to occur on full moons. I know I might sound crazy but I dont understand any of this and I cant seem to find any answers.

    • I don’t have much tell you, but a few years ago I had dreams that went on for about six months. I happened to be a black wolf and a couple of the dreams I seen a white wolf with blue eyes running at a distance along beside me. This wolf was a female, do you happen to be a female? As for the dreams for dreams on the full moon might mean that they are showing you what may lay before you in the near future. Or it can mean that you are transforming and the dreams are what you are doing while you are in your wolf form. On this next full moon try to setup a camera to record yourself while you sleep. If it shows you stayed in bed the whole time then its dreams of what will happen in the future. If you transform or leave your bed for several hours then you are a werewolf. I hope this information helped. May you have luck in finding your answers.

      • Thank you for replying. Yes I am a female. And a black wolf you say? The white wolf in my dreams had blue eyes. The black wolf had yellowish eyes. After the third dream I realized I was the white wolf in the dreams. The black wolf always followed me.

        Now the camera part you mentioned I have thought of but fear has kept me from actually setting one up. That same fear is why I lock myself in my room on full moons. You say the dreams could be of me shifting that could explain why I’ve had dreams of a wolf standing in my mirror on my door.

        The thing I don’t understand though is neither of my parents have experienced anything like this. I’m the only one in the family experiencing this.

        • If you are a genetic werewolf it would explain it. If both your parents carry the werewolf gene then you would get it. But because they are only carriers of it the gene they will never experience it. In my dreams a coulpe years back I was the black wolf and I had yellow eyes. But I only seen the white wolf with blue eyes a couple of times. Please just try the camera because if it starts to show anything that you’re scared of just pause it and delete or just have a friend that you trust watch it and have them tell you what they seen. And if that wolf you seen in your mirror is you, you definitely need to record yourself for sure. So you can train yourself to shift without constantly shifting every full moon. Is it a wolf you see in the mirror or a partial wolf like face?

          • I will definitely video tape myself.

            To answer your question, it was a full wolf.

            Now that I think about the details in the dream about the outside light shinning in the room, I left my blinds up that night.

            Yes I will try the video tape. From what you have helped me with things are now starting to add up.

            • Ok. Make a profile on here and send me a private message or a friend request @wolft. So you can tell me what you have seen in the recording. You can use BlueEyes as your name still with profile. After you make a profile and message me or send a friend request I may be able to have someone help you further. They’ve helped me a lot since I’ve been on here. So please make a recording and a profile on here. And you’re welcome for the help. This person has helped me so that is why I have been able to help.

    • Hi is am Bassel blue eyes are for omegas you are a lone wolf with no pack wick leads us to that you are the only one in your family:parents brothers and sisters if you have be careful you are an easy target for other werewolves ones in packs my email is baselashraf2004 if you need any more help careful not to be tricked 2 wolves might sound like 12 or twenty watch out for danger try not to make your story public with others only with ones you truly tryst

  10. I have been having a weird feeling lately and at first I thought the feeling was caused by the heat, but now I don’t think it is any more because my wolf senses are on over load. What I mean by over load is that my noise and sight are acting more wolf than normal, I have a bad feeling that I am going to shift very soon, but I don’t know for sure and that is why I am telling you all this because I am hoping someone can tell me what is going on.

    How I Have Been Feeling:
    1. Sight, Hearing and Smell are over loaded
    2. My stomach is of balance like I am on a boat.
    3. When I get up I am very dizzy.
    4. I feel like I am going to fall on all fours.
    5. At night I feel like my hands are forming pads and my hands feel like they are stretching, but they aren’t.
    6. All my teeth and nails feel like they are sharpening, but they aren’t.
    7. My ankles feel like they are snapping and extending, but they aren’t.

    What Has Been Happening:
    1. I was walking around town, I seen a German Shepherd in it’s yard, it was circling the yard and I kept on walking. I heard barking behind me and seen the same German Shepherd. The dog was chasing me, I got to a park, it wasn’t behind me no more and I took a different why home. I have never had a problem with German Shepherds, it was always been just Great Danes.

    2. My eyes are usually blue or green, but lately they have been a really weird color gold and my pupils are different as well, but I can’t explain the differences. A lot of people have been asking me if I am wearing contact lenses and I tell them the that they weren’t. The person just looked at me very strangely.

    So can someone explain what is happening here?

    • Hey, same here, exept all my life my eyes have been either gray, or a russet color with a gold ring in it. Just last night I had to lay on the floor because my spine, head, jaw and eyes were acting as if i was abount to shift. I always am dizzy when I get up, and have been having nosebleeds. I also had a dream I was with my friends and I was covered in blood. When I am upset I growl, but it comes out as a dull roar that hurts my throat. But last night I felt my throat changing and heard clicks. I actually growled. Not roared, a growl as if I was snarling. Somethings up if a bunch of younng werewolves are experiencing this?

      • Lately my noise started bleeding for no reason and werewolves aren’t the only one who are being effected. My friend that is a werepanther has been effected as well, I am starting to worry about this things because every werecreature has been acting different. I have been snapping on a lot of people, they think it’s not normal of me because I always try to hold in my thoughts, but lately it’s been getting worse. I am one of those people who can travel to other realms, so I found out a lot of things and it is mainly about the Ozone Layer. I found out that the werebirds would shift first, then the werewolves and other K-9 creatures and the rest of the creatures would shift. The things I found out scare me because what happens if a whole bunch of werecreatures turn and we can’t control are beasts. Some things bad happens, I am concerned because I know some people can’t control the beast mind. :|

          • see my brother could shift a long time ago and he said that some people couldn’t control the beasts inside, but I know for sure anymore because he can’t shift anymore. My brother had something with his spine and the only things the doctor could do was to have surgery done, so he can’t shift no more because he has 2 rods and 38 screws in his back. I was mostly getting my information from my brother that shifted when he was 8 years old and stopped shifting at 19 because of the surgery. My brother was a pretty cool wolf when I was growing up, the fist time I seen his wolf form, I thought he was a wild wolf, but it turned out it was him. My brother raised me, he told me when I was little that I had a wolf that was getting ready to awaken and it has. I know some wolves have names, I found out hers and she was a pain, but we got over the differences. I found out her name, we are the same person now, but I learned all my information on the werewolf shifting and not having control from my brother, but I need to learn more things because he isn’t really around anymore.

            • Well, if you visit I love werewolves, and go to chat Me and my friends can provide more information. The chat us under the werewolf games button I think.

        • yah… I have random nose bleeds too. and it’s hard to explain to my mom when suddenly bloody Niagra falls flow out my nose. but if so many people have the same symptoms it must be normal. :|

      • Okay I’m what you call a “werewolf” the correct name is mannaro. I was born my dad was the one who carried it he thought my brother was going to get it but when my brother turned 16 and it didn’t happen and he figured it would happen to me. The first change happens when you’re 16 but you don’t necessarily change every full moon. Your eyes will get lighter your senses will become stronger and you’ll crave different things such as meat and as gross as it sounds even dog food will become appealing. You’ll get a little stronger and a little faster end it will be really easy for you to sense danger. You definitely growl and it comes naturally it shouldn’t be painful and it should sound legit. I have three cats at my house which around that time gets pretty annoying also if you’re female your period will sync up with the lunar cycle which makes it a little more difficult to tell when the changes going to happen. You will get extra tired and extra hungry an extra annoyed a week before. This Friday is the blood moon also known as the lunar eclipse in this case you’ll get extra agitated an extra horny as weird as that may sound you also experience mood swings and your strength and speed will become increasingly strong. Today I barely push the door open and it swung and hit the wall I have been hurting people all day just by accidentally bumping into them. Only on certain moons Will you become fully transformed and even then you don’t become full “dog” your teeth will grow in and your eyes will get significantly lighter my eyes are brown and they become a gold color. I’m quite worried for this lunar eclipse because this is my first year and I have never had to experience anything like it. Worst of all I’m staying with friends so things are bound to happen. It’s easy for me to control my ferocious behavior but I know on Friday it’ll be a little harder my hormones will be acting up and I’ll be extra boy crazy I know that for fact. Just let me know if you have any questions.

        Ps. I remember I used to read these comments thinking this is so that none of this is real and you might be thinking the same thing but once it happens to you everything changes

        • I know this is probably late, but some werewolves dont shift till later on, usually between 18 and 21 from what I know and I recently turned 18 a month ago and have just recently started experiencing things, but I’ve been having dreams for a few years. And all I see is a black wolf with yellow eyes and the dreams and visions are becoming stronger and I’ve been getting body aches and vivid dreams and visions and just angrier and it’s only a few weeks before the full moon.

        • I will randomly start eating my cat’s food sometimes. probably because of the meat in it. but my mom almost caught me once so I’m trying to stop.

      • k so I was scrolling through old comments and realized the same thing was happening to me! My parents keep saying I’m just paranoid ’cause ya know corona. Do y’all think I’m an actual werewolf?

  11. Hello, Any werewolf who can answer this will be very appreciated. I am a werewolf, of that I am positive. I will give all the information you need. I am a wolf that shares the body of a human. I have not shifted. I do not feel the need to. She lets me have her human body whenever it is needed. I believe something odd is going on. Yesterday, for the first time in her life she had a bloody nose. Tonight she informed me she had a dream of her friends, and she was drenched in blood. She knew not whom. I do not know of my alliance, pack, lineage or mytho. I do not know my exact breed, or my fur color. I recently asked a vampire named samantha her opinion, she believes I may be brown, as if I am earth.I have a horrid headache today.

    • I myself have been wolf for years and i tell you, its a blessing. you grow more powerful and when you run over the golden fields bathed in the light of the moon its…….. just… heavenly. some cons are for some people it is painful or if any family members find out you might be in trouble. but I think it’s worth it. you can be turned by being bitten or sometimes like 30% of the time you can find a spell online that works. :smile:

  12. Am I becoming a werewolf? My parents aren’t werewolves as far as I know. I have a super high pain tolerance. At night, my left hand goes slightly to completely numb with a tingly feeling. My right hand is just slightly for the most part. I do not have anything that I can record myself with. I share a room with my sister and she’s a heavy sleeper. I have bad angry issues, and if I get angry, I calm myself down for fear that I am going to hurt someone or something. I don’t have a mirror, and I may get a loft bed for my room. I don’t know if silver irritates me and there are a few times where I am sleepy yet hyper on full moons. I was able, while we had it, to hear a mouse scurrying under my bed alot. No one believes me when I say that I may be a werewolf. Any opinions?

  13. So, I have a question. Is it possible that I am a werewolf? I have many dreams that I am a wolf, but I don’t ever see what color. They mainly occur on new and full moons. I heal semi-fast. I have this strange feeling in my gut that I should control my anger when some situations get out of hand. Sometimes I growl at random moments.

  14. is there anyone out there that can do magic or have a friend that can do magic if so please reply because i want to ask u something

  15. Hello, I am wondering if you guys have been feeling wierd lately. The wolf inside me had been jumping around lately and telling me that there is something going to happen soon and we must prepare. I usually ignore my wolf, but I have been feeling very weird lately and I can’t explain it. I talked to my coven, I am a Pagan, so my mom is a vampire, my father is a werewolf, my brother is a vampire werewolf and demon mix. I am 60% werewolf, vampire is about 10%, 15% werelynx, 1% fairy 5% fire dragon, 4% lightening type dragon, and the rest is a ice type dragon. So a coven is basically a pack of Pagans. Pagans are people that can do real magic and some people consider us witches, but I don’t care about that because people are sometimes jerks.

  16. Hey, guys. I need help.
    So I’m pretty certain i’m a werewolf. I’ve been trying to shift my foot recently, just my foot. However, every time I do this it feels really weird and I have to stop, because it feels so weird. It feels kind of like it’s cramping up, or as if my foot is isolated. I don’t know how to shift it, and it feels so weird I have to stop… can anyone help me get past this?

  17. Guys I’m trying to register here and it isn’t working. What do I type in for the question: what supernatural being are you?

  18. Fun fact for all the new Werewolves who like traveling , The Season you shift in is different in each Hemisphere, so if you plan on going from North to South make sure you do a little research in advance to avoid an accidental lunar transformation. I will happily answer any further questions you may have in PM.

  19. Hi, my name is Austin and I was wondering at what age does a genetic werewolf shift? I’m 18 and still have not shifted and I heard it can be anywhere between 18 and 21 but I need to be sure. If anyone could help me out that’d be great. P.s. I’ve started having these weird dreams and visions of a black wolf with golden eyes and all I can see when I shut my eyes is the wolf and it’s eyes and the wolf also seems to be snarling and chasing me in a foggy forest, does anyone know what that could mean?

    • It can vary, but for genetics anywhere between 16 and 23 is typical. I think I know something about your dream too.
      Running from something in a dream usually indicates fear. You’re worried that you’ll hurt someone or lose yourself aren’t you?
      If you’re afraid of the wolf within you won’t shift normally. Remember:
      “I am the Wolf and the Wolf is Me, The Wolf is Myself and I am He”

  20. I need help transforming. I am stuck. Someone please help me and I need a pack to help me during this time. I hope I can change next full moon.

  21. I have a question can someone please answer this honestly, where do most of the werewolves reside? Which forests in the world do they like running in. I’m not one to harm anyone, I just simply want to meet one y’know ❤️

  22. I dont really know where else to turn to. I have always had these nightmares of bad events happening, or bad feelings that things are going to happen. They are scarily accurate and usually lead to the deaths of hundreds of people. Right now its like im having those feeling, but hundreds of times worse. Every one of my warning signs are going off and it feels like my body is tearing itself apart. I’m not the only one i know who is experiences the effects on their body. Me and my friend are hypersensitive to the supernatural and the just plain weird. I know it might just be the virus, but im terrified its something much worse.

  23. Aye, you’re the son of Loki, yes? Even if you aren’t, do you happen to know him personally? I am a follower of his and have heard of you and your greatness.

  24. I’v read the bible and yet I stll don’t beleve it. andwe are werewolfs not holy sants can’t you read this is for werewolfs to talk and feel safe not for you to insalt us so GO AWAEY!!!!!!!! :x I am proud of what I am :mrgreen:

  25. I would like to host a theory. The moon acts like a crystal, transmutating sunlight into an energy charged light. This boosts the natural energies within people and objects. This would explain why werewolves tend to shift for the first time during a full moon. You go from almost being able to transform to having far more energy than you needed to be forced to transform.

  26. You must have bad grammar of something “i no acting” he he he little mistake there…. Sorry for acting like an English teacher I have my moods to do things like that child….

  27. That indeed is strange, but I have learned myself is that if you can dream shift( shift into you wolf form in your dreams) that you can hunt down and destroy your fears… I myself used to have similar to yours, and after I did this they hardly ever came back.

  28. But I am not of an wolf dear child I can’t hunt my fears I gotta slay them with my glowing heart you may not understand when I mean glowing heart I mean my sword i call it that because it’s evolves with my heart the more stronger my heart is the more stronger my blade is….when it evolves my heart starts to glow that one side effect of having light as my magic element….,I may be an mate to an wolf but I’m not an wolf…..

  29. Fascinating I am a lycain Lord this is 1 of the powers I have I can also go into a wolfs body and run in the forests in the dead of night in doing this and being able to run and hunt deer in a body of a wolf my paws on the ground the joys of the hunt it is freedom in doing this my appearance has gone very wolf like my eyes have become that of a wolfs and my teeth have sharp kanines my face also has changed note only on a full moon can I do this as it is the way in ancient times the native Americans knew this practice it was called a great blessing of the earths wonders and gift of the moon and of the pack the wolf spirit the spooky thing is I went to the location of where I was in the wolf body and there was a dead deer ^ ^ I am a powerful werewolf so I must be alone that is how it must be but yes we’re real and our body’s change as the connection with the shell and wolf are 1

  30. I already have….. you might not of hear of this often but there few who have done this….but I kill every fear I ever thought I had and I’m fearless now……fear feeds on what you think is dangerous to you if your mind says you could be killed or injured you feel you should be scare of it but if you know in your mind that yeah it could kill might as well try to do something about it then there’s nothing to be scare of……Phobos an minor gods is the god of fear if you ever ask him about my fears he’ll say i got nothing to fear….but he doesn’t like me for that because I could easily kill him….he might be immortal like me but I know more and found an new way to kill an god…..son of ares gods i hate him what an bully…..

  31. Never liked the Greek deities, mars and his weaklings worst of all. For a war God he was pretty weak.

    Couldn’t even help his beloved Spartans when they were Sacrificed to the Creator at Delphi by the druids. After they had taken the city.

  32. Ares, that pompous weakling, who in the he’ll chose to make him a God in the first place, the Greek gods are corrupt, they are as flawed if not even more flawed then us mortals, the only difference is that they are more powerful then mortals.

  33. Cerberus, your Greek equivalent would be Cerberus. The Norse gods would not be immortal if it weren’t for the golden apples they must eat. Greek deities don’t age and therefore can live forever without needing special diet or properties. But damn do they abuse their privileges. Hell I could do better than they are.

  34. being flawed it what keeps us sane…being immortal you have a lot of time on your hands…what you do with it…your choice…
    Zeus is a lady’s man and Hera scolds him a lot and is a control freak with making sure she has the ”perfect” family…Ares picks fights and causes wars…Artemis does her thing with her hunters…Aphrodite looks in the mirror(a lot) and messes with people’s love life…Athena(my respect to her) gives wisdom and usually wants wars to end but likes them just like Ares…Nemesis likes revenge and criticizing fortune cookies…Hephaestus does his inventions…Hades rules his underworld collecting souls and whatnot…Poseidon has underwater stuff to do…and list goes on and on I just don’t feel like finishing it…

  35. Lupercus is not Fenrir. Lupercus is the true king and father of wolves; he is the Golden Wolf. But there are many deities who were called the father and mother of wolves, and Fenrir is not their quivalent. And by the way… I’ve met another person who told he is Fenrir. Apparently there are alot of Fenrirs nowadays.
    The only equivalent to Fenrir is “in the myths of the Slavic and Baltic regions – a wolf (his name is Simargl or Semargl) that would eventually destroy the world was chained to the centre of the heavens, the Pole Star, by the Zorya, the triple aspect goddess of fate (known by a number of various names throughout Eastern Europe). The wolf would eventually be released from its iron chain, to do the will of the Goddess and consume the world. This wolf was symbolized by the constellation of Ursa Minor, which is seen as the second wagon of Hela in the Northern Tradition. Because the star Polaris is the tail of Ursa Minor, it depicts the tail of the Slavic wolf, attached to the hub of the heavens.”. Simargl is the only real equivalent to Fenrir… he is the chained wolf that is able to destroy the world.
    Fenrir is associated with chains and the destruction of the world. He is like some kind of a Shiva… he helps everything reborn with the help of destruction. Lupercus is not associated with destruction and chains, he is a different god. People didn’t invoked Lupercus our of fear. They invoked him for protection against wolves that will hurt them or their animals. He was a very beloved god. Lupa was his wife, and both of them were loved and celebrated.

  36. Hello. There are many fruits that have power…
    Like the forbidden fruit of knowledge, the golden apple of discord, vegetable lamb of tartary, Mandragora, Jinmenju (a tree that can make some special fruits) and so on… yes, it isn’t something to laugh. It is for the ones who don’t understand the spiritual life… those are spiritual fruits.

  37. Do not forget the fruit of the immortals. They are turned into a juice that we immortals of Asia drink known as the elixir of life.

  38. I am the wolf, the wolf is me.
    The Wolf is myself, and I am he.

    Or so the verse goes. Glad to see someone else preserved some of the old knowledge. I would like to talk to you if I can. I think it would be interesting.

  39. Haha Indeed I must becareful what sort of knowlage I say the native Americans knew a lot about the animal spirits the moon is very strong Allas it is hard to exslpain about the wolf it is a arcane art that the old shamans of the native Americans had to wander the woods in wolf form like I

  40. Um a lot of weird stuff happened after the last time I talked to anyone here. Now I am way more sertain then ever that I am a werewolf…I’ll leave it at that for now. Could one of you please come talk to me about this. I have NEVER felt so… Scared in my life.

  41. the more i read your posts,the more pissed i get, you know nothing. You are not a lycan lord. How ever i could get you a visit by one. And the way you talk. It’s not even lycan…. We date back to before recorded. History, so what’s with the mid evil/English tongue…be carefull what you call yourself. The boy who cried wolf…. Eventually met one.

  42. I found out how you register! But it requires a werewolf name and I don’t think I have one because I don’t think I have shifted yet I’m eleven years. How do I find out my werewolf name?

  43. Um I need help I feel like someone’s watching me and I hear foot steps when nobody is there does anyone have an idea of what it is? Seriously you have no idea how terrified I am, I’m literally shaking!

  44. I know the feeling I wish I could help you try creating a account again if it don’t work I’ll try to help you the best I can . What do you feel is after you any strange smells or temperature changing? When you get this feeling?

  45. Fear without any known cause, does the temperature drop or rise, do you hear anything odd? How about strange smells or colors shifting.
    It could be a Wight, Wraith or Revenant. They are put out magical fear naturally. Or something else with a powerful fear spell placed around it. Even inanimate objects can have that effect put on them. Hmmm.

  46. I know what it’s like. A few days ago someone had caught a Sasquatch and was hurting it. It’s screams of pain was echoing throughout my area, though only reaching ears that were inhuman. So I was the only one hearing it in my family. I was up all night thinking about how I would get out and save it but then I remembered recently I’ve been very weak and I need my strength and another thing is that being this weak I would be killed in an instant, especially since that person was a hunter/huntress. I was so shaken and guilty that I had not been able to help it.

  47. Ok first of all the temperature definitely rose and I heard something strange I couldn’t find out what it was but I heard it. I didn’t see any colours shifting. It was weird :???:

  48. Ok first of all the temperature definitely rose and I heard something strange I couldn’t find out what it was but I heard it. I didn’t see any colours shifting. It was weird WHAT IS GOING ON

  49. Well, I feel overpowering fear from time to time. Sometimes I sweat (sometimes I even sweat for no reason on my hands and you don’t know how many times today I’ve wiped my hands, I don’t even know), I feel like I have a bad fever (temperature raising and dropping randomly) and it’s been blamed on PTSD. I don’t know whether it’s PTSD or not since I stopped having flashbacks and crying whenever I mentioned the incident I had ages ago. I used to feel my panic was related to my past but part of me doesn’t anymore…

    Also, my friends keep saying to me “Your family is a special kind” but won’t elaborate, please, tell me? I am told I was related to a diet-like White Wolf who fought for Light but was murdered by a Dark vampire queen. *Cough cough bitch cough cough (excuse my French).* I hope you know who I mean. (My family’s name is Gandolfini/Thorne *my mother’s maiden last name was Thorne. My father and so on’s last name is Gandolfini. I hope that helped you ring a bell, if you do have any info on my family of course.*.)

  50. Ok first of all the temperature definitely rose and I heard something strange I couldn’t find out what it was but I heard it. I didn’t see any colours shifting

  51. Ok first of all the temperature definitely rose and I heard something strange I couldn’t find out what it was but I heard it. I didn’t see any colours shifting. It was weird

  52. first of all the temperature definitely rose and I heard something strange I had no idea what it was but I heard it. I didn’t see any colours shifting. It was weird WHAT IS GOING ON

  53. Oh yeah I also heard the floor creaking as if someone was walking on it. But if it wear a person he or she would have taken long and very slow steps :?:

  54. I hear the same thing at night but usually it is ether a lose floor board and the wind is puching on it or if you have a pet or if you live with your parents it’s probably them walking in.

  55. I am living alon for a while and one night I heard fot hearing that some one is going up stairs to me in 3 pm of night. And I was like take my matchete and go down stairs to see who is it and there was nothing.

  56. haha lol dont worry marry ok btw you might transform younger it could happen until you get over your fear of what ever about the wolf then you will become one with the wolf and accept the wolf and you might transform at a young age cuz i read a comment that a person’s friend transformed into a werewolf at the age of 11 cuz he or she accepted the wolf by getting over there fear of the pain that the tranformation gives so try getting over your fear about the wolf if you want to you know transform early but if you dont want to dont even try to get over your fear about the wolf

  57. WHAT IM 11 SO YOUR SAYING THAT I COULD SHIFT NOW?!? I don’t even have a crib! :shock: :shock: :shock: :cry: and I could hurt a lot of people that I care about!!!

  58. No I’m not saying that I’m saying if you want to get it over with then you have to get Over your fear about the wolf


  60. Lycanthropy doesn’t make you less human. You’ll still be 100% human even if you’re a werewolf. Lycanthropy is a gift, like how Savant syndrome is a gift. Yes it has negatives, but it doesn’t make you less human. It makes you more than human.

  61. Well somewhere in the bible it says that nothing is impossible with God ,you need god’s grace to be perfect. If being holy was impossible why would God tell you to be holy? Even when the road is hard it isn’t impossible to follow it. Pick up the bible and read, because the word of God will lead you to heaven. And if I were saying this to someone it would sound different it’s cause I’m typing that it sounds so cool

  62. Sarry if this is a little personall but what country/ city do you live in? ( and you don’t have to tell me if it’s a little to personall) and I’ll go first. I live in Texas.

  63. Guys one day I had a dream that my brother was a werewolf dose that mean that he is. And my close friend of mine told me he had a dream he was and alpha wolf dose that mean he is!??

  64. Hey my birthday is on a full singing moon and my clan is the singing wolf clan dose that mean I’m destined to be a singing wolf or something else plz tell me!! And I don’t really think I m a werewolf any more and I say it to myself in my head then it’s like another part of me is speaking to me in my head or its just me. What is going on plz help me!!!

  65. Sorry if my wording was weird. I mean in one of your earlier comments you said:
    Mary on February 11, 2016 at 12:11 am said:
    Plz answer the questions someone!!!

    I was wondering what questions you need answered, I might be able to help. :grin:

  66. A second opinion is always nice.
    Mary, dreams are mysterious and powerful things. They are like the Mirror of Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings.
    They may show truth, past, future, Fate, or Destiny. They may even show all five at once. Unless you are an Interpreter of Dreams, do not over think them. Dreams cannot be trusted to a high degree.

    Anyway, what was the question you desired an answer for?

  67. I don’t know. Perhaps the wolf in you is so strong that you were born on your clan’s Moon? Or it might just be a coincidence. I know that the moon you were born under doesn’t usually affect your clan affiliation. But that is a good question.

  68. It’s probably nothing to worry about and if it terns out to mean something it probably will effect you positively and you have nothing to worry about with this we got your back Mary

  69. And I was reading and article on this app about my clan and it said we are able to hear from the Other Realms, what are the Other Realms

  70. The Realms are the various dimensions of creation. A few realms I’m sure you’re familiar with are the physical universe, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Limbo. There are also many others Realms as well. The Other Realms are simply the other dimensions, that is, every Realm but the one you’re in.

  71. Hay Mary at your school dering language arts do you learn Latin words?. Ice wind what stat or country do you live in? ( if it’s too personal then you don’t have to tell me).

  72. That’s actually pretty cool. Your lucky I have to deal with temperatures up to 100 a’ll do almost anything to be up in Colorado right now.

  73. The wolf mirror, a special mirror that shows the true identity of a werewolf and is used by Dyan wolves to help control their transformations. Mary, I’m honestly not sure if a wolf mirror works with non-Dyan werewolves.

  74. Nope. But the energies you harbour inside definitely play a part. Negative emotions, when left unexpressed, become parasitic. Wasting the energy of their host. Not a very good condition to shift in if you don’t know how to manipulate energy.

    Also keep in mind that humans have those same negative emotions (shame, fear, grief, disgust, etc.) And we don’t see them shift alot! XD

    I hope I have answered your question well enough.

  75. Technically I am not a creation of God. In a way, I am a creation of Satan. I don’t think I’d be able to get into heaven. Plus, I don’t care of and never will do about an evil, petty little God who feigns Light. He is Dark, and therefore I do not trust him. However, Satan is a balance, and clearly shows that, which is respectable even next to a Lord who fools many, including you.

  76. Light conquers Dark. For Dark is the absence of Light and wherever the Light chooses to abide-Dark perishes!
    Where the Shadows fall, life ceases to exist.
    By misinforming young pups, you have committed an act of the Dark.
    Go, be one with the Dark and share their Fate!
    For Satan is but a rebellious Angel, a Deceiver.
    He too, was created by God. He too, shall be judged by God who cannot deceive nor be deceived.
    On the day of General Judgement, the faults of all shall be made known, and we shall see who has been deceived!
    There is still time. Time for change. Time for action. Time for victory.

    So I am.

    Play with Snakes and you’re bound to get bit!

  77. What is it about my statement that God is not pure Light but is the complete opposite that confuses you?

    Shall I explain?

    Well, I have a pocket dimension. Everyone does. It’s just I know how to access mine. Each pocket dimension is different and unique. I can access you at my whim, but it takes up electricity. It’s a kind of fuel to my pocket dimension. I can even access God from time to time when he lets his guard down. Once, I heard a conversation. In my pocket dimension, see, I’m omnipresent. I can hear everything. See everything. Touch everything. Sense everything. Taste everything. Do everything on my own back. My name popped up in God’s conversation. As I said, I can access spirits. Even gods. I saw, heard, felt, tasted, sensed and all that of fear from God. It was clear he had no care for hiding he was afraid of me.

    Do you comprehend now?

  78. The f$&k you know about God the only people that know about hem are the people that are with hem in heaven. God probably will let you go to heaven if you do good things the rest of your life or most of your life. If you actually can see everything then can you help me out with something?

  79. I know more about God than most. I’m keeping most of what I know a secret but I wish I could tell… but if I did tell it’d cost me hundreds, if not, thousands of souls and lives. I can only see things from time to time and I’m weak at the moment, my pocket dimension is very draining. But what do you need help with?

    (By the way, more than souls of the dead are in heaven. He gets visitors and visits from Satan and his blood and shadow family, which is my family. I can tell you if I was allowed all of the secrets I know about God that I learnt from my pocket dimension and honestly you’d be shocked. He isn’t all Holy and all that. He makes himself out to be but in his core he’s Darker than the Darkest Dark.)

  80. I need help with a shadow person that stalks me and I need to know if I’m truly safe or not. I have visions of heven and of God talking just like you with that poket dimeton. I head hem talk about a man named Luke is that you twisted?

  81. Well aren’t you very mis-informed, brainwashed, disrespectful of royalty and just plain…


    Satan was more than an angel and always was, the Bible is mostly false about my shadow grandfather. Most of the Bible is false. It relies on itself so much and doesn’t have any examples of how God is so pure, how He is so Holy, how He is so kind. He sent people on Earth to kill ALL newborn babies just because people weren’t obeying him and he had a hissy fit. He killed his own son because of a group of people not believing in Him. That’s just SAD.

    I have not fooled people. I am informing.

    I have not performed sin, I know secrets.

    And God doesn’t trust me.

    He is afraid.

  82. You know not to whom you speak. I know of Satan’s power. I know of his might and his legions. I kinda why the Son of God willingly sacrificed himself!
    And disrespectful to royalty? I owe no respect to Satan, despite him running a kingdom. He hares me. He fears my family.
    I am a rogue to his servants. Destruction to his plans.

    And the only argument you Satanists have against us is a few of your own corrupted versions of Bible stories. And I am just curious, but have you ever actually read the Bible? You cannot detect from God’s goodness in order to amplify Satan’s might.
    And do tell, what God has to fear.

  83. You know what you believe in what you believe in and a’ll believe in what I believe in. And last time I’m gonna ask, do you know what the shadow person is a deman or a ghost or do you need more info?

  84. Ok could y’all honestly get off the subject of Christianity. Not everyone believes in that religion. There those of us who believe in only religions and gods, like wicca, Hindu, Buddha, greek gods, roman gods, Nordic gods, and many more religions and gods. And here is my honest opinion Christianity is just as bad as Islam the only difference is that islam kills people who don’t believe in their religion while Christianity just manipulates people into converting, saying that if they don’t believe in this god they r going to hell where they’ll burn for all eternity. And in case you’re wondering there are many legends that have a hell like place several call it the underworld. The Greek equivalent of the devil is Hades and the roman equivalent is Pluto. But there are religions that believe in multiple gods that rule the underworld. So enough said about religions. Just get off the subject now. Please?

  85. I do not know what god has to fear, maybe because I know his secrets and I am telling only one but a great secret about him, but I am no Satanist. How dare you mistake me for a mere human obsessed with disobeying God’s rules for no reason? Why do you not respect Satan? Is it because God has brainwashed you? Yes, I suppose so. I hope you have a nice time being controlled by a mere Dark spawn.
    Yours pitiful,
    Accalia the Warped & Twitsed
    P.S: I am not trying to make Satan look all-powerful and the real God, I’m just getting the truth out and trying to get you to lead your own lives and not obey a God. The good thing about Satan is that he doesn’t give you strict 635 rules to follow, he is accepting that you want to live your life how you want it and he knows what it is like, since he is ordered around by God, running Hell and doing other things, given souls to punish (he doesn’t actually punish that hard unless you anger him, then you get the bad side of the stick. God tells him how hard to punish but if you’re nice to him then he gives you occasional twinges of pain here and there). I hope you wake up one day.

  86. What plans are you corrupting, anyway, hmm? You obviously do not know of his plans. Only his direct relatives do, and I just so happen to be his shadow granddaughter. You are no destruction to his plans because his plans do not concern anyone but himself, my blood grandfather and the five wdgems, or more known, the five gems of the dimensions. If he does not acquire them, they can fall into the wrong hands. He is doing good, not evil. So please, learn what you are, the situation, and the facts before you talk.

  87. I’v read the bible and yet I stll don’t beleve it. andwe are werewolfs not holy sants can’t you read this is for werewolfs to talk and feel safe not for you to insalt us so GO AWAEY!!!!!!!!

  88. I do not need more info. Summon this creature if possible. Though it is dangerous, I think that is the best way to get to the bottom of this. Based on what I know, this Shadow person seems more like a ghost than a demon.

  89. Mary if I knew what a shadow person was I would be asking you guys and all I know about a shadow person is that they look like people how are shadows and that I’m being stalked by one.

  90. I wish I could help you three. I guess you don’t want it. Have fun not being free, have fun not being able to do what you want, have fun being punished in Hell for no reason.

  91. If some people came into my house looking for me cause they know I’m a werewolf what do you think I should do? And people aren’t looking for me don’t worry

  92. Ok if I where to trust my instincts I would get a weapon like thing of any kind then wait for them to come. And if they aren’t friendly I’ll bash em in the head then run downstairs

  93. I don’t know why you feel that way but you should just ignore it just like I do and if something bad happens that shove it out of the way. The wepon that I think you should buy is either a knife or a bow staff

  94. I showed the axe I want to my dad then he said that I have to ask my mom if I could get it. I realy doubt that she ll say yes

  95. If you’re stuck with knives, you could see if your parents will get you a stiletto or even a karambit. These weapons arent the best, but they’re something.
    You could also try to get a crossbow. :grin:


  97. Know that I think about it I’ve had simller dreams but with one person there saying things like I will protect you or something like that and it speaks with a soft womenly voice.

  98. I only had one dream that was like this but it didint really have any people in it. My FREIND was the one with most of the dreams with creepy figures. Ice wind explanation plz I’m kinda freking out!

  99. He discribed one figure with very boney like death and another guy that had a hoodie and when he took it of he couldn’t see his head

  100. Sorry, my phone wouldn’t let me post comments.
    The letter M is another symbol for the mark of the beast, 666. Begining to see the connection between the dark figures and the messages they are giving you?
    You have seen the demons that thirst for your blood. They crave you. They see your every move.
    I can only guess that you felt sort of animal fear within you, a sort of instinct to flee when you saw these things. Don’t be afraid, they feed off your fear.
    I had a similar dream a few months ago. I started wearing a blessed Benedictine medal and haven’t had that kind of dream ever since. And I’m grateful for that.

  101. This still isn’t good for my FREIND cause my friend cause he had most of the dreams but I only had one dream and with no creepy figures

  102. And I had a dream last night I was fighting with my brother .i started to scratch him but I couldn’t stop my body was moving on it s own I started growling. Then I geuss we had a blackout but I could see everything fine but everything was blue.

  103. Sarry I or ice wind can’t help you we’ve both been busy lately with a government test to see if we can pass into the next grade.

  104. Hey Mary. Sorry i couldn’t respond, first my tablet broke and then my phone wouldn’t let me post comments.
    Anyway, your dream seems to reflect the sort of feelings, impulses, and experiences alot of us get. BTW, have you tried making an account yet?

  105. You cannot be Satan’s shadow granddaughter because he has never had children. If he has had children then the Antichrist would have been born and he would have already taken over the world. So stop your lieing and corruption accalia!!!

  106. Make your own crossbow using a VERY sturdy, long stick. Then use rubber bands to make the thing on the front to launch the arrow. For arrows, use a stick that has a pointy tip sharp enough to injure, or a small knife. :razz:

  107. No I mean why did you post a smiley face. Possibly not this summer but the next summer I might be able to visit Ireland

  108. Same here with that but then again I play amarican football. I think the reason is that you ether don’t get enough sleep or you use a lot of energy at school

  109. Hay guys this morning I wake up finding a scare going in a straight line across the back of my neck do you guys have any explanation for it?

  110. I wake up with cuts and bruises a lot of mornings my coven told me it was the beast trying to come out, so that’s probably happening to you when you wake up like that because some werecreatures can heal faster than others and you might heal faster than other werecreatures.

  111. Yes, I am a Witch, I was born as a one and know somethings about werecreatures Werecreatures are people who can transform into different things like the main one are Werewolves, but some people can transform into Werepanthers and there are many more than that. There could be even a Weredingos, also Werelions, another could be an WereMountainLions and also WereLynxs.

  112. Ya I know all about those but what do you mean by some werecreatures like do you mean individual or the hole werecreature breed

  113. I refer saying werecreatures as all of the werewolves, werelynx, werepanthers, werelions and the rest of the wereanimals in one group called Werecreatures. Does that make more sense now, I think its much easier that way to call them into one group.

  114. And you are?
    I am Fenris the Wolf Father. I have his memories. I gave your ancestors the Wolf’s gift beneath the full moon in the Grove of Ironwood.
    I am the First Alpha, the Lord of the Pack. I am not some halfwit pretender, I am the Wolf King returned.

  115. You think I’m not aware of how ancient we are. I made the first of your kind.

    I can in our language if you wish. I spent a long time in that region and acquired some quirks in my speech.

    No I’m not a Wolf Lord now. I’ve only just returned, still weakened and form-locked. But I once was the Wolf King, And I will be again.

    I don’t fear you, you have to understand what was given can be taken back. I can strip you of your powers easily. I’ve already done it to two other wolves since my return. They misused their powers. I wouldn’t want you to have to know what that’s like.

    Now tell me, if you know so much. What words did the Old Wolf King speak to his son with his dying breath?

    If you wish to grant me an audience gather ALL the lords I’ll not waste my time speaking to one on their own.

  116. And yes, i am a descendent, but what i was, is no longer my same kind. You can’t strip me of what you didn’t give me. And every comment i made before this was to devron. Not you. And i am a different breed than you now.

  117. Hey just calm down. Fenrir is not the first or eldest of us. There are many other legends the have other wolves such as us. But I believe that the eldest of these is either with the ancient Egyptians or the ancient Greeks with zues turning Lycaon into a wolf for trying to feed him human flesh. I have bit delved to deep into this there may be a chance it could be Japanese that’s the eldest. So please relax. You are an alpha act like it.

  118. At first my actions wasn’t towards him. It was towards dervon. He called himself a lycan lord. Which i know for sure isn’t true. I believe fenrir thought i was talking about himself. Read fenrir’s post to me. and i have nothing against you either. Only towards devron. I don’t take kindly to the ones who call themselfs lords that’s aren’t. And yes, i lost my temper and should watch it more often. I have a bad temper.

  119. Razor I’m with you I mean ice fang probably doesn’t even know anything about werewolves and is just making this shuff up just to get attention. And razor you have a bad temper try haveinng Irish,German,and French in you

  120. Wolf, Icefang has been on this site for literally three years. What he says about himself hasn’t really changed in that time. A troll or poser would come to this site, make some bizarre claim, get bored and leave. Not: come to this site, claim to be Fenrir, remain active for three years, and not making random unsubstantiated claims, and just be an ordinary member (who claims to be Fenrir).
    I seriously doubt he’s just looking for attention.

  121. I don’t really want to get involved, but I am just going to say that people who have the gift to take away some ones wolf or other creature is special. I am also going to add that people on here are special in their own way, like some of you can remember your lives as a werewolf and some can not. I know that I could have met any of you in one of my lives, but I don’t know for sure and it goes for everyone on this site. I know I am new member, but I try to help people on here because I feel happy when I do. I think we should all calm down and think about our creatures inside want because they probably don’t want you to argue with another one of them or different creature. We all need to calm down and work together to keep each other safe because there are real werewolf hunters out there in this world and we need to keep each other safe no matter what. I know a lot of you think that I am crazy to say all of this and don’t believe what I say because I have had that happen to me before and I know its true. I have had many lives as a werewolf and many other things, but I don’t want to make a mistake in this life like I have done before and that’s why I am writing of them down. If you believe you made to many mistakes in your past lives and you remember all of them, here suggestion write them down and try to dodge the mistakes in your life. I know a lot of people who don’t believe me on here and I don’t want to say no names because that is wrong to do that and I don’t want no one to hate me more than they already.

  122. The other day I was in i saw someone with a big black hood so you couldn’t se its face. It was came from the door then it disappeared. Does anyone know what that was.

  123. Will it could be many things, but more than likely it was a wondering spirit or it could also be a demon, but if you seen the eyes it would be a demon. Its hard to say Mary because I believe in spirits, demons and many other things and it can be hard to day what it could be because of the details you seen. It can also go by how this creature made you feel, of it made you feel scared or angry it would be a demon, but all the other feelings go for spirit.

  124. That would be also a demon because their forms can make you feel confused, angry and scared. Was there any other features that stood out to you?

  125. Now that I remember it clearly when i try and close my eyes it pops up in my head with red glowing eyes *shiver* scary

  126. On the night i told u about the shadow thing i had a dream about me and three of my friends where trying to hunt down a shadow thing. It didn’t look like the pne i saw before it looked like black squiggles coming out from the darkness. Anyway we where in the city a very big one me and my friends decided to split up. Iwent into a building it was a small shop. I looked around but couldn’t see the shadow thing so i started to go. Then i saw some priests whereing white robes whith gold disines siting down and eating. I didnt realy care that much for some reason so i just got out. I met up with my friends and talked about something but I wasn’t realy paying attention because I was starring at the SHADOW THING! When my friends looked the shadow thing formed into a …um i had no idea what it was bur it was green and had a tail. I guess my friends saw it transformed into because they started to beet it up. They asked it questions but to my surprise it begged them to stop. I told them to stop i dont know why but i did. Then we appeared in some kinda park then one of my friends started taking pictures whith someone while my other two friends started searching for the shadow thing (im guessing) i waited for my friend to finish because I was scared to go with the others for some reason. When she finished i ran after my other friends then i was back at the small store again. I was on a bed one of the priests was sitting beside me telling or warning me to not go after the shadow thing. As he was saying that the shadow thing was leaking from the door and creeping up on us. I tried to warn him but I couldn’t speak it was like i was getting choked. The shadow thing dashed twords me . Then i heard screaming or it was me i dont thing it was me because it was to high pitched. Then I WOKE UP THE END. Does that have to do with anything

  127. An aura is an energy field that surrounds an entity, be it an object, place, spirit, or living thing. Some people can see auras, but just about everybody can sense them. The aura, being radiated by the being, reflects who/what they are as well as well as emotions and intentions.

  128. Okay. You spelled it ‘Ora’, which is Latin for prayer btw. I just assumed you misspelled it, intending to type ‘aura’. But do tell me, what exactly did you mean and how does this smoke-like emission fit in?

  129. I’m not sure how true it is but I’ve heard that a werewolf will have W-shaped veins in his or her wrists. I have noticed that not everyone has that vein pattern. Me and my cousin are the only ones I know of in our entire family who have that characteristic. It might just be coincidence, but when you’re a werewolf and your cousin has bright golden eyes-it becomes a little more of a pattern.

  130. Ok I guess that would be cool seance your were a character from a famus game. Two hightail ago me and my cousin were sleeping out in a forest. when he was going to get his hoes next to the stairs on owner deck. (We were over by goliad in the middle of nowhere) then we both here’d a big thing run across the field where there were know lights. My cousin fell then quickly got up and ran to me and I just stood there with my axe ready to slash at anything that comes for me or my cousin. After a good minute looking around in the dark we quickly ran out to our tents and we sat in there for a bit then we heard some brush move and looked out our teant widows and saw a small tail and thought it was a skunk but once it got into a clearing we saw it was a possum then it looked at us then ran under the deck. Then I got cereuse at what it was running from then we here’d a person’s voice but it sounded deep and it sounded like an animal to. We froze from that noise but then after thinking about it I heard that sound before when I was little and me and my cousin were going up to our tree house.

  131. Guys my friend is a werewolf and he thinks he injured someone because he saw an ambulance with a person with a bite mark on his or her neck and scratches on their ankles. He said I should tell you guys what he should do

  132. If the bite doesn’t kill you, it’ll probably turn you. If the person is still alive I think you’re friend should keep an eye on them. If they didn’t survive then the authorities will probably put it off as just a provoked animal attack. The biggest problem would probably be Hunters, if they live in your area, tracking down the bitten person on his or her first shift.

  133. A shadow person is basically a ghost like being that kills people in there sleep by any way means possible but they try to make it look like a human could’ve done it (basically there assassins)

  134. My friend thinks he has befriended a demon that has been haunting him nearly all his life. And he wants to know how you can explain it and how to keep it under control

  135. Mary the thing that ice wind said about hunters I can help stop them sense I’m a hunter too but don’t worry I am not going to heart or kill your friend (I have rules about this)

  136. My sister is having these super crazy dreams about me being a werewolf king . One of them was about me as a black werewolf with my black hoodie and sunglasses at school i was like the boss of everything!

  137. Ya Mary I am a hunter but unlike the other hunters i ether kill the creature that I’m hunting or help them well it depends. And your sisters dream it’s probably just a dream

  138. Ya I did answer that and I said it was probably just a dream and if it dose mean something it would probably be nothing

  139. idk if i am a werewolf anymore i use to get werewolf dreams but now i dont i think i am starting to think i am nota werewolf and i was only getting werewolf dreams cuz i was thinking about them alot and then i stoped thinking about them i took a quiz and it said Are you a true WereWolf?
    Your Result: You are close to werewolves

    You are not a true werewolf but you know a lot about them.You may be close to a were wolf or it runs in your blood. You may have a relative that is one or just have a love for them and try to find out a lot about them.

    70%You are a true werewolf

    22%You are not a werewolf
    can someone plz tell me or help me am i one or not and now i am the age 1+11= and now idk if i am going to get signs if i am one if anyone know anyone that can tell me if i am plz tell them to reply to this

  140. Hey werewolf girl. Remember, doubts are normal. Ever since we are born, our minds are programed to experience a sort of virtual reality they call ‘being a normal human’.
    However, our identities are not determined by what others say. Rather, we are who we are because of what we do. And remember, nothing is solid. Everything is fluid, capable of changing. Everything is held together by mind and will.
    Quizzes are really fun to take, but aren’t always accurate. Especially the werewolf quizzes.
    A quiz won’t tell you who you are, other people can’t tell you who you are. You decide who you are.
    So I guess my rant has finally come to a close.
    My advice to you is: don’t ever doubt what you are. Stay true to yourself. It is your choice if you want to go back to a false human reality.
    And if the Path of the Wolf is not your thing, then that’s perfectly okay.
    You’ve probably seen this meme before but I find it very inspiring:

    Whatever the path you choose, doubts will always come.

  141. Hay werewolf girl it’s been a while since I seen your name. how you been and why haven’t you been on in a long time?

  142. i forgot all about this with school and well going out with my family i just really forgot until something remided me about this website

  143. It’s pretty simple, just copy and paste the URL for the source image. So if you click on an image in a website and it directs you to a page that has nothing but that image, you’ve reached the source image. From there you just copy the web address and paste it on your comment.

  144. I need a spell to change my gender I been looking for a spell but I can’t find one that works so can you look for a spell for me please

  145. Hey Mary do you know any spells to change my gender or can you look for somes spells for me cuz I can’t seem to find any that work

  146. You cannot change your gender with spells. You’re stuck with your same gender. Only spells will change your appearance and most you have to change to look like someone else that’s the same gender as you. Plus why do you want to change your gender in the first place?

  147. I can’t use another computer because we only have one and it’s in the kitchen.if my family see what im doing they’re going to be very mad because my mother doesn’t want me to get in to this “occult ” stuff . But if I explain to her im just here to chat with my friends she won’t believe me. So I can’t really do anything

  148. wolf dreams are dreams where you shift into your wolf form and do things. they are powerful because… hm… I don’t exactly know.

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