Japanese Werewolves

Children of the White Wolf 

In ancient Japan, there was a wolf god named Horkew Kamuy, “the howling wolf god” who lived on the top of a mountain and helped the humans sometimes with their problems. Problems like fire, disease and disasters. The humans would climb to his mountain temples and pray for his help and Horkew Kamuy would send one of his magic white wolves down the mountain to help out the humans below.

In return, the humans had to promise two things. One, to feed these magic white wolves and two, to return them unharmed to Horkew Kamuy when things got better.

This deal worked very well for a long time but after a while the humans got greedy and stopped feeding the wolves. Worse, they stopped returning them to the mountains tops where they belonged. They chained them up in cages instead.

In anger, Horkew Kamuy stopped sending the white wolves and decided to start sending vicious werewolves instead. But first he needed a bride to help him. He looked all over the world for a human bride to help him and finally found one in the Japanese court. He sent a boat to bring her to a beautiful island and came down to Earth to meet her. His Japanese bride was so beautiful that she melted Horkew Kamuy’s anger. They fell in love and nine months later the first Children of the White Wolf were born. Many more followed.

So the Children of the White Wolf were originally Horkew Kamuy’s revenge on humanity, but in fact these first werewolves lived a life of great love and beauty. Centuries later, they still wear the White Wolf sinew of Horkew Kamuy but many of them live peaceful lives.


54 thoughts on “Japanese Werewolves

    • Whatever you are children my dear no one shall bow down to you just so happens I’m gods offspring don’t tell every little person I’m here to stop the awakening and I was trying to find the strongest companions to fight side by side with but now I see that I can’t trust much of thy creatures here . They are filled with greed and I foretell that will lead to extinction of this race of mortals and immortals, humans and creatures.

    • Well I am related to you, so in your big-headed state I think you’ll find spilling your relative’s blood is fine, but you’d prefer not to as you share that blood! I will not bow to you, sister, and if you are the first born then your obviously immortal. Inherited it, eh? Big deal. The White Wolf was alive centuries back. He was killed when I was born by a powerful vampiress. Speaking of her, who volunteers for vengeance for our Father?

    • Oh dear, calm down. I could rip your spine out through your neck if you tried, as I am a very dominant werewolf do not test me but, I do admire your courage to threaten all werewolves here.

    • For someone who claims you are the first born daughter of Horkew Kamuy, you seem too agressive. In the story it says all of his children were born peaceful. A child of Horkew Kamuy would never say they were gonna rip someones throat out.

  1. Well well I do not know. Help me pleAse at the Ghost Page. Perhaps i am a daughter? I feel connections with white wolves and don’t kno my bio dad but I get a black wolf in my mind. my eyes are green and silver-flecked.
    Hey lupine life can there be possibly more description of the children for this?

  2. The child of the Japanese White Wolf are called the Ainu.
    There is a poetry:

    My master
    when he goes hunting
    I, too, go with him to the mountains,
    We take deer,
    we take bear.
    When I do this
    my master,
    his work is made easy…
    Before my master came
    I ran ahead,
    not so much running as flying.
    When I went to the hunting grounds,
    my friends,
    the other wolves,
    came in large numbers.
    for just one day,
    let’s run together,
    let’s play together.”
    “Ohhh,” Horkew Kamuy howls.
    “This bad dog,
    this rotten dog,
    today, for the entire day,
    what has it been doing?
    Not even one deer
    has it brought to this house.”
    I realized
    that at this point my
    heart was standing tall in my chest,
    my feelings were standing in my chest;
    this is what happened to me.
    From this point I flowed downstream
    like I was flying,
    like I was running,
    forever downstream.
    Whittling inaw
    he fastened the inaw to a sword duard [seppa].
    He then took this and came outside:
    I heard gossip
    of lord wolf god [horkew tono]
    a high-ranking god.”
    They arrived at that village
    the village upstream
    where I was raised.
    Without saying a word,
    and without leaving behind a single insect,
    all the people of the village
    were killed.
    simply put,
    a dog,
    even if you kill one,
    should not be sent in the direction
    of the ocean.
    Its ancestors are wolves.
    It should be sent in the direction of the mountains.
    That’s the lesson of this story.

    • Kamuy is the Ainu transliteration of the Japanese kamui. This should be correctly titled a Ainu God and not a Japanese God as thus does not fit into the Shinto pantheon. Japan has plenty of shape shifters but no werewolf myth. Closest would be inugami :mrgreen:

    • Is there a legend about the great anointed one (Blue/White) who will preserve the Holy Mountain of God and His word? Any mention of another anointed one who will marry one day, after He closes as many demonic mega portals above Japan in the 22nd centrury?

    • Their were wolf spirits like okami and yama inu but those were spirits not werewolves. The only feral wolves in japan were even killed off one in 1905 the other in the 1930′s

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