Hydran Alliance

The Hydran Alliance uses the powers of water.

The Hydran Alliance is the oldest and most secretive of all the alliances but their mystical tradition involves the study, appreciation and magical use of water in all its forms.

Hydran wolves take a vow of secrecy on pain of drowning to keep secret the teachings of their order.

The Hydran Alliance admits only calm, peaceful, intellectual individuals who can keep a secret which means pretty much exclusively Ice Wolves, Storm Wolves, Frost Wolves and even some traditional  Wind Wolves.

They meet four times a year at secret coastal locations around the world and have close ties to the Mermish.

118 thoughts on “Hydran Alliance

  1. I am a frost wolf and I was born with it I am part Native American and I have weird feelings whe the moon is shinning bright like full moon I start to crave raw meat

  2. I found out that my grandfather knows alot of Indian tribes and he just told me some stories about when he was a kid and spirits that he saw and how he saw one of the chiefs turn into a frost wolf and he decided to take on the tradition but no one knew and he told me that he passed it on to me .

  3. Can someone tell me if i might be a werewolf i have abnormal strength for a girl and heightened sense of smell and i have good night vision and my height is also abnormally tall for my age between 11-14 not telling you for security purposes :???: i might be a genetic from my dad’s side because once i heard my boxer boowooing at three in the morning and the moon was full it might have been my grandpa he was the only one up that morning

    • I’m sorry to tell you, but as of yet there is no known cure for werewolfism. If you haven’t transformed yet then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just continue to live your life, that is unless your turning 14, because if you are, I seriously suggest in investing in building a containment crib.

  4. Any idea where Dearh or Shadow Wolves belong? Anyone? Beacuse I heard they travel mostly alone, but some find themselves in a pack or clan.

  5. I need help I’m trying to hide my wolf side from my boyfriend I almost turned infront of him cause he asked me to watch the full moon with him HELP :!: :!: :!: :???: :???: :cry:

  6. I don’t know if I’m a werewolf for sure. I have never actually transformed, but I can smell and hear really well, and I have this sort of connection with animals. Particularly dogs. How can I know for sure? I tried the SOS app, and I got werewolf, but the second time I tried it, I got zombie. :???:

      • What can I do to find out if I’m a werewolf? I’m strong, fast and tall for my age and have amazing senses like smell and hearing. I can see really well in the dark. Animals especially canines help me and act tame around me. I haven’t transformed yet and am around the age I’ve heard that werewolves have their first transformation. A little help please? I’m also mostly nocturnal. I enjoy fresh night air and love nature more than anything. My nails grow quickly and to points. Help?

  7. I don’t know what kind of werewolf I am or if I am even a werewolf . But I really want to find out . I f any one could give me some advice on how I could out that would be great .

  8. I was born as a wolf, I was in my mothers stomach when they were in a horrible crash, I guess god needed to give me a new soul, I’m an oak wolf and would like to join the hydran clan as it was recommended to me, and my astrological sign is Aquarius so I do appreciate the waters as well as the forests, and I must escape this city I’m trapped in.

  9. I’ve only transformed once, I guess I get to choose, it was so long ago, I really miss it, it was the most at peace I’ve ever been, late one winter night I ran into the woods after a fight with my mother, I had just read a paper on lycanthropy and tried it, I have never felt so alive,free,and at one with the world in my human form

  10. I will only bite honourable and mentally sound people, having this in your blood is forever. It’s sometimes difficult to function if you aren’t where you need to be, it’s limiting in a way. But also so great.

  11. I’m the most powerful wolf here, I’m new here, but my change was special, and I’m old. I however am loyal, and ice fang I see has seniority, and I respect his wisdom, I will follow it unless I strongly disagree, in which case it’s my place to challenge you. However I think this clan is a wise one, I’m sure blood wouldn’t need to be spilled if logic was successful. However everyone here should know I may be old, but I can still fight, and in my wolf form I would break anyone who doubts it.

    • You’re only stronger because I’m still bound by the dark’s curse. Of course you are right you can challenge me if you wish, though I wouldn’t advise it.
      The berserkers were imitating me.

  12. I won’t go into who would beat who, know I have no fear of anyone. Not you or anyone. I would defeat you in battle, if you are wise enough to accept that, I am wise enough to submit to your rule. If not then I will leave, I am a lone wolf after all.

    • At this point that may be true, but know though that I am older than the Earth. I am Fenris Ulfr, the first Wolf. Your stance is a wise one, though it is not now what is needed.

      To fear neither death nor pain, to feel neither fire nor blade… thus is the oath of the ulfhedrim

  13. I have always wanted to be a werewolf. Ive had that desire since I was 3 years old. Though I did say a spell I found on YouTube about something like cunning beasts romain the earth and you can control yourself only with this spell. I really want to be a white furred werewolf though I’ve never transformed so I highly doubt it works. I’m XXXXX I really want to become one if anyone can help me AND or bite me please contact me XXXXXXXXXX just reply here. Please someone help me I really want to be a white furred werewolf that will be able to control itself aka myself. Please help. :smile:

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • I can help. Message me privately on my account.

      There are three ways to become a werewolf:
      inherited (genetic) lycanthropy,
      acquired (bitten) lycanthropy or
      somehow you are successful in becoming cursed with lycanthropy from a powerful entity.

      There seems to be three kinds of people or natures that have been encountered with mortals who have become lycanthropic.

      First, the panicked, who think of themselves as abominations and they both deny themselves and others of their kind.

      Second, there are the abusers, those whose blood lust is uncontrollable to them. They target those weaker than themselves and are found to be cowards when faced with a stronger opponent.

      Finally, there are the sages, those who balance themselves out and only use their ability to either be free, attain greater understanding or when it is needed.

      Your clan is determined by the moon you experience your first transformation under. Your clan is not the month you were born in.

      Likewise, your alliance is determined by the element you draw power from. The astrological sign you were born under is not considered to be your alliance.

      Your mythology is chosen by which speaks to you or resonates with you the most. It is not your ethnicity nor is it purely chosen by whatever sounds the most interesting.

      Your moon age is the number of moons or months that have passed since your first transformation. It is not your chronological age in years.

  14. I’m not sure if I’m a werewolf or not. I know a lot about werewolves. I’ve tried many many sites of human or werewolf/human, werewolf or vampire, and it always says werewolf, or half werewolf. I’m not sure! Please someone help!

      • Mind if I answer as well?
        I usually consume many things, but I crave meat and some desserts. I am short-tempered, yet friendly overall. And the strangest thing that has happened to me was probably me losing my balance and being shaky under the full moon.

        • Much like you, HalfPaw, I too have share similarities.
          Only I used to have anger rages that would send me into a black out sort of state, before pouncing on whoever provoked my anger. I would never really injure that person, but definitely pin them down to a pinned state. I guess I would compare that to a dominant behavior, and that may be and indication of werewolfism.

  15. I don’t know if I am a Wolf or not but I think I am going to tern on the ice moon I think I am a ice wolf and somthing strange hapend to me I had a vishun I know it sounds stopid but it was about me terning I was a gint gray wolf and started fiting another wolf can some one tell me if I a crasy or not plz thanks

  16. I have been obsessed with werewolves so I did some research turns out I’m a werewolf I have a reddish tint to my eyes an extended ring finger ever since I turned 11 I’ve been more active at night an I don’t like going out side much when the sun is out my teeth turned super sharpe

  17. I myself am a relatively ‘new’ werewolf, yet there are so many questions that just simply don’t want to be answered. I’ve done research to fill my thoughts for years to come, yet I feel I have gone nowhere. Perhaps it is the basis of belief in itself. No matter the proof there is, and will always be, a doubt in my mind that all of this is just a belief with no proven facts. Nothing more.. I do not want to listen to the thought of dismaying who and what I am. My brain feels stumped! Perhaps time will tell all things. There is no one to assist me in my journey, I seek help.

    Imagine a life where self confidence was never a problem with teenagers, or yet other adults. What if this biased world had a more open mind, would we be in chaos? Or revel in acceptance?

  18. I have a heightened sense of smell and hearing and I constantly have the urge to run on all fours. I love the moon and like dogs. My mom also have crazy heightened senses and has native american blood in her. Am I a werewolf?

  19. I am a ice wolf, which suits me, the cold ice and snow is part of me, I think that this is my alliance, but I have my own packits very hard to find any other type of wolf, so it’s just a pack of four, I’m like there alpha though, I didn’t just pick to be there alpha, I just naturally was, I think I was born this way, or bit when I was really young, but if I were born this way, than I’m curious why my parents aren’t like me, however, it might be from my grandmother, she is quite like me. Do you know it was inhereted or from a bite, or something else?

  20. I found out I’m an oak wolf and seeing how I see everyone here are also wolves I was wanting to know if the hydra would accept me I keep secrets cause I have to I know if others knew what I thought they’d think I’m crazy anyways so I’m like why bother telling anyone was hoping to join the hydras but IDK the meeting locations or the times I live in Ohio which may also be a problem

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