Egyptian Werewolves

The First Lycanthropes

Around 3100 BCE, a pack of wolves helped Osiris defend a city in Upper Egypt against an invading army. It was a bloody battle and many of the wolves died but the invaders were successfully defeated.

In honor of these brave wolves and their sacrifice, Osiris re-named this city “Lycopolis” or Wolf City and ordered the bodies of the fallen wolves to be mummified beneath the city for resurrection in the underworld.

For the heroic wolves who fought so valiantly and lived, Osiris went one step further, granting them human form in addition to their wolf form –  the very first lycanthropes.

Legend has it now that every full moon, the descendants of these first Lycopolitan Lycanthropes can call on their underworld ancestors to rejoin them on earth and the pack will run together again as long as the moon is full, the living and the undead shadow werewolves of Osiris.

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  1. I think I may be from this mythos, I’ve always been able to tell a place where something died. I’ve also always been fascinated by egyptian mythology and spells. How do you tell for sure what mythos you’re from?

    • You can start by figuring out your kind of climate and environment. If your wolf form is small, stout, less hairy, long legs, thick foot pads and a shorter tail it indicates you are built for desserts and hot climates.
      However if it is larger, harrier, stouter legs with more muscle, hairy foot pads and a double fur coat you are meant for snowy tundras and colder climates. If you have bigger eyes, ears, medium body size, matted hair, powerful back legs, have a greenish tint then you are meant for equatorial and tropical forest climates like where I am from. It also depends upon which myth you choose to deviate the most. If you If the great bear calls you more, you pertain to the Cherokee and Hopi people as well as the Esquimos. If you choose the Horse then it is the halls of Valhalla and the sons of Odin that call to you. If it is the lion than you pertain to the mythos of the native tribes of Africa, if a snake than South America, If a jackal than the pyramids of Giza. If you fancy the Tiger than Russia or India are the calling. If the dragon, monkey, turtle or boar call to you most then you belong in the Asian mythos. Choose you climate type and animal wisely.

  2. I am one of those wolves listed and I have been called home to Egypt to stand next to the king of the wolves who is currently in Egypt.

  3. The were beasts of Egypt, most if not all of the Egyptian gods were half animal, Bastet the were cat, Anubis the were jackal, Set was some sort of lion, dog thing, Thoth the were crane. The Anunaki rarely looked like normal human beings.

  4. Because soon they will want to fight with each other and I need them to not do that, but people have picked a fight with the wolves in Russia and when they start crossing territories that’s when the real problem begins.

  5. Because the African wolves are upset because I’m upset and they are calling me home but I don’t want the American wolves to get hurt in the crossfire

  6. American people have angered the Russian wolves, The African wolves know that the Russian wolves will attack and the African wolves want me home to get out of the way.

    • And where does the bloodshed end? Do you allow yourselves to foolishly wage pointless struggles, your kind has enough struggle hiding from the likes of men and now you fight among yourselves!!!!!!! The cycle of hatred is never ending, you doom your children and your children’s children with bloodshed. Hatred is not removed with hatred but with love, war is not removed with war, only peace can do that. What days have we come to, in my day there were simple struggles for territory, naturally occurring, war however is not. Either they heed my warning and settle there differences as brothers or they will die together like fools, driven to extinction by their own blade swing. Tell them this, tell them I said this, gather the Alphas, regardless of times Alphas do what is best for their packs, peace is the best course, war will only doom them.

      • An eye for an eye not only leaves you blind, it blinds you to the suffering you have caused both to yourself and others in blinding someone else. Maw unleashed it’s razor snow, the blood to be payed comes unfurled. When brother kills brother by fang or sword, winter has died, spring lay slain for war has devoured their world. Try, the true mind can weather all the lies of this world without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. The true will can overcome violence and ignorance without being broken. Darkness fills every void Nanuk but only means to purify light. Since beginningless time, we think we are separate and different but are in reality a reflection of ourselves. Separation is only an illusion, harmony the great truth.

  7. That’s what I have told them and that’s why I have stayed in America my father was the Original wolf and he wants me home, but as a royal of the original Wolves I came back as human so they feel the need to protect what ever area I am in.

  8. This story isn’t full… there is an older werewolf in Egypt, a wolf-God called Wepwawet (“Opener of Ways”, Upuaut, Ophois, Wep-wawet) who was born/created around 3200 BC… in Egypt in a sanctuary. His father was Osiris.
    Wepwawet is older even than Anubis. He is the first werewolf of Osiris… and he is his son.
    He was in the shadow of the jackal God Anubis…
    Wepwawet helped his people with:
    -New paths or opportunities
    -Insight into ones own psyche
    -Guidance, especially in spiritual or emotional matters
    -Courage in new situations

  9. I am a werewolf, all of this is bullshit, my father is the descendant of the great chief Sanchonomi, it is passed on through birth or a bite but we can control our transformations and don’t kill humans, we’re actually quite the opposite we’re supposed to be guardians if that makes sense of mortals, honestly I should stop here, but being a werewolf is raw

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