Created by
Teri Armitage & Torin Stefanson

Written by
Teri Armitage (Episodes 1-6 and 8-13)
and Ephraim Ellis (Episode 7)

Directed by
Torin Stefanson

Executive Producers
Torin Stefanson & Teri Armitage

Anand Ramayya
Teri Armitage
Torin Stefanson

Aron Tomori
Julia Sarah Stone
Shannon Jardine
Trevor Cameron
Nolan Moberly
Cheryl Jack
Ben Thomas

Special Guest Star
Ephraim Ellis

 Set Parents
Karl Laframboise
Sue Chappel
Virginia Moberly

Director Of Photography
Andrew Forbes

Jennifer Prokop

Ross Nykiforuk

Associate Producer
Kelly Balon

Production Manager
Sandhya Padmanabh

First Assistant Director
Jason Bohn

Visual Effects
Jimmy Kounios
Steamlab Studios

Additional Visual Effects
Bryan McCallum

Special Make-up Effects
Chris Bridges
Gaslight Studios

Special Make-up Effects Assistants
Jordan Yaworski
Stacia Verigin

Hair/Make-up/Blood & Sweat
Pamela Warden

Pamela Warden
Ginger Martini

Production Designer
Jennifer Prokop

Set Dec/Props
Stacia Verigin

Crib Set Dec
Jean-Marie Michaud

Artwork Courtesy of
Nathen Wahl
Ian Campbell
Gloria Stefanson
Dana Stefanson
Jennifer Prokop
Cate Francis
Shumon Khan
Stacia Verigin
Olivia Gilbank-Verigin
Doug Goldie
Jean-Marie Michaud

Jody Longworth
Barry Stefanson
Jean-Marie Michaud

Stunt Table
Danny Scavuzzo

Art Department Production Assistants
Alexa Armitage
Braden Merke

Camera Assistant
Ryan Lalonde

Gaffer/Key Grip
Daniel Shingoose

Location Sound Recordists
Glenn Ens
Ross Nykiforuk

Boom Operator
Randy Woods

Audio Post Production
glennross studios
Glenn Ens
Ross Nykiforuk

DIT/Assistant Editor
John Thronberg

Ryan Lalonde

Marissa Richmond, CDC

Sask Casting
Kelly Balon

Business Affairs
Linda Nemeth

Production Accountants
Alexis Williams
DeAnne Roblee, Bridge City Bookkeeping

Stunt Co-ordinator
Daniel Ford Beavis

Craft Services
Shumon “-ster” Khan

John James “JJ the Miracle Worker” Glazebrook

Wolf Trainers
Jereme Arsenault
Carlin Kimble

Colour Correction
Jack Tunnicliffe
Java Post Production

Opening Sequence Animation
Cam Lizotte

Daily Production Assistants
Louise Sidel
Shirley Spidla
Eve Roqueburn

Matthew Gorman

Cat Wrangler

D’reen’s Catering

Alpha Mercy Haven Bed & Breakfast
Colonial Inn

Equipment Rentals
Karma Film
Downstream Pictures
Ray Ramayya
Ryan Lalonde
T3 Digital Productions
Lasa Media Arts

Digital Media Production
T3 Digital Productions
Teri Armitage
Torin Stefanson
Marc Paulhus
David Ford
Nathen Wahl

Production Financing
Karma Film
Ray Ramayya

 Produced with the participation of

Produced with the assistance of

Produced with the financial participation of the

Special Thanks to:
Brenda Stefanson
Ray & Jaya Ramayya
Ron, Kelly, Liam, Sean & Aden Lacey
Patrice Tremblay & Laura Kuzub & Baby
Wapos Bay Productions – Dennis & Melanie Jackson, Anand Ramayya
Trevor Cameron, Janice Wiskeyjack & Raven Cameron
Szonja Jakovits-Laframboise
Linda & Dale Prokop
Jennifer Prokop
Kirk Jarrett
Katie Chipperfield
Margret Stefanson
Erik Skjerven, Robyn Hanson and Jozie, Thor & Kaybre Skjerven
Wilson Skjerven, Sondra Priestly and Odinn, Loki & Vanir Skjerven
Darren, Rose, Alexa, John & Connor Armitage
Ania Slusarczyk
Pauline Hampson – Alpha Mercy Haven
ACTRA Saskatchewan – Mike Burns
Andra Sheffer, Marcia Douglas, Carly McGowan – IPF
Susanne Bell – SaskFilm
George Hupka – Downstream Pictures
Lanny Westgard
Lasa Media Arts – Sandhya Padmanabh & Larry Bauman
Stacia Verigin
John Thronberg
Jean-Marie Michaud
Patrick Gibson
Daniel Shingoose
David Hayman
Stacey Horricks
Hugh Shankland
Rachel Langer
Norbert Abrams
Doug Goldie
The Bohn Family (Jason, Jaclyne, Jayden, Jonah and Jed)
Clarence Avenue Market
Nutana Lawn Bowling Club
City Of Saskatoon
University Of Saskatchewan
Flowers By Fred
Karen Plum and Joan Speirs – Java Post Production
Suzanne Lindberg – Apple Inc. Product Clearance
Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours – Connie Arsenault

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead, places, events or situations is purely coincidental.

©2012 Lupine Productions Inc.

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