Lupine Life App for Real Werewolves Like You


Are you wondering what kind of werewolf you might really be? Or facing a real werewolf and need to know more about who you’re dealing with? You may need The Lupine Life iOS app . Luckily it’s finally available now for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, free on the App Store.

Ever wonder what kind of werewolf your friend is?

As you may know there are many, many kinds of werewolves from many parts of the world. On this site alone you will find there are 12 Clans of werewolves who come from 11 different true werewolf histories from all parts of the globe. There are also 6 alliances that invite werewolves like you to study and grow their powers.

But there are many more and so this list and the true stories about them continue to grow. With the Lupine Life iOS app you can uncover your true werewolf identity and give you clues about the kind of werewolf you might become.

The Lupine Life mobile app also helps you keep track of the moon phase so you can plan your lupine life without wolfing out. Even if you are a werewolf who time travels like the Aeolian wolves and some members of the Oak Clan, you can know the lunar phase on the day you are going to and also the day you were born.

Lupine Life Lunar Phase Tracker

Special thanks to Seth G. from for replying to our emails late at night when we had problems with the app and of course for his continued friendship of werewolves like us. He helps us all keep on keeping on! There’s lots more stuff coming up to the site and in the app so check back regularly. Also check out Seth’s site tonight for his Blood Moon Survivor of the Month Contest and more.

(Seth is also helping us now with a little bug in this first version of the app. If you have found it, thanks we are working on it now.)

Also stay tuned for the Frost Moon when there will be a special report from Seth himself in the app! One warning though, it’s a pretty long report. More of a book actually! Just what you would expect from the 4th biggest and 1st most long-winded supernatural survivalist on the Internet! (No offense, Seth.)

What kind of a Werewolf are you? Genetic or Bitten

Welcome to Your Lupine Life!

We are conducting a little research and want to know what kind of werewolf you are?

Are you a genetic werewolf who inherited your lycanthropic DNA from a parent, grandparent or an ancient relative?

Or did you contract your lycanthropy by being bitten by  a werewolf?

Tell us by casting your vote in the poll and fill us in more on your personal werewolf story in the comments below.

What kind of werewolf are you?

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Welcome to Your Lupine Life!

YLL is a place for real werewolves from all around the world, started by a group of  werewolves who met in their lupine lives. We were all fans of the SOS werewolves page at sethonsurvival but we saw that SOS needed more specific info about different kinds of werewolves and an app just for our kind.

When we emailed Seth about it, he encouraged us to make our own site and an app/game just for werewolves. He helped us figure out a lot of stuff and told us about Louis and his situation, so we eventually invited him to help too.

Hope you enjoy the site. If you are a werewolf, please make yourself at home. If you are a vampire, who has stumbled on this site by accident, please go find a vampire site. Unless you are friends with a werewolf. Then by all means, you can stay.

We are still working with Seth to finish the site and the app-game, so please check back again soon for more updates. And join us anytime to leave your own mark!

              The Ice Moon is in January 

Ice Werewolves usually experience their first transformation in January. For this reason, it’s said that their main powers involve freezing and slowing things. If an Ice Wolf transforms for the first time on New Year’s Day, it’s said this power can freeze and slow time itself.

For more info about Ice Wolves please visit the Ice Werewolves page.