Dragons of the Dragon Moon

If you are a Dragon Werewolf, this is could be your moon. The Dragon Moon rises every year at this time in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing with it not just new Dragon Wolves but new dragons too.

Dragon Wolves have a special bond with dragons.

Dragon Wolves have a special bond with dragons.

The alliance between dragons and the werewolves we now know as Dragon Werewolves is a long and ancient friendship about which conflicting histories are told.

Some date this friendship back to the dragon known as Niohoggr or Nio for short. Nio became known as one of the first Wood Dragons. Before Nio, the rest of Earth decided that dragons should stay in the mountains or oceans, where their fiery breath could not cause any fires.

Unfortunately, nobody told this to little Nio who hatched on the Dragon Moon eons ago in the foot of a giant ash tree. How did Nio get from his mountain top cave to the heart of the forest? There are differing accounts, but it is generally agreed upon that a certain eagle took a dragon’s egg – Nio’s egg – and transported it there. Depending on who you talk to, you may hear that the egg was stolen, as the dragons like to report, or you may hear that the dragons abandoned little Nio because his egg was too small and an ugly brown colour and besides it didn’t hatch on schedule.

(Dragons as everyone knows are famously punctual and fastidious about their time.)

Whatever the case, when Nio hatched at the base of the ash tree in the heart of the forest, all the animals were surprised and impressed at first. Here was a little bird who could climb trees and spit funny sparks as well as fly. Baby Nio was a lot of fun to have around and everybody loved him, especially the wolves, who sometimes let him ride around on their backs and especially one wolf in particular, the werewolf Fenrir whose mother was a human giantess.

But as Nio grew and grew and grew, the animals began to wonder. Why doesn’t he have feathers anymore? And why does he have such a long tail, like a snake? And where once, they thought his sparky breath was really cute, now Nio was spitting flames and burning down some of their favourite trees and plants.

A meeting was held and it was decided that Nio must go home. The eagle who knew Nio’s family was sent back to the mountain with a message. But Nio didn’t want to go home. To him, the forest was his home. So Nio asked Fenrir to help him build a secret cave under the ash tree where he could hide and still be a part of the forest. Fenrir immediately agreed. Of anyone in creation, Fenrir could understand how it felt to be bigger and different. The gods were always busy plotting the best way to chain Fenrir but to this point they had not been successful.

So Fenrir helped Nio dig a secret cave and Nio hid among the ash tree roots. When the eagle came back with a message from the dragons for Nio, they couldn’t find him. Poor Nio though just kept growing and growing beneath the earth and got tangled in the roots of the tree in his sleep. He was also bored. His only amusement was shaking the tree from below and seeing if he could make the animals fall out. Some of the animals started to wonder if it was him shaking the tree and they didn’t find it very funny. They started to make up scary stories about him to keep young animals away from the tree.

Nio was starting to wonder if he should burn down the forest and run away after all. The only problem was, to where? The tree was the only home he had known.

Fortunately, Fenrir came to visit him just in the nick of time with a gift from the human side of the family – a spell to help Nio learn how to assume his human form, like a werewolf.

Once he learned it, you can guess how this knowledge changed Nio’s life. Once he could assume human form at will, he and Fenrir became fast friends. To this day you can’t read a story about Ragnarok that doesn’t mention them both.

When the gods finally succeeded in chaining Fenrir, Nio vowed that he and all of his descendants would serve as guardians for Fenrir’s descendants. It’s a promise the dragons keep to this day to all true Dragon Werewolves.

Tell a Tale From Your Life Lycanthropic to Win Prizes, Publication

Contest Announcement for Lupine Lifers:

Whatever kind of werewolf you happen to be or know, send in something your wrote to win one of three prizes being awarded for:

1. A personal werewolf experience narrative

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Up to three winning pieces will be featured on the front page of YourLupineLife and the writers will receive a thank-you gift card number from the iTunes store along with a chance to be published in an upcoming YourLupineLife downloadable e-book.

The hope is that your writing will add to the knowledge and experiences already described here on the site with stories and information about life as – or with – a lycanthrope.

One of the guest judges will be longtime friend and supporter of the site, Seth Greening from sethonsurvival.com. (SOS has a companion contest right now to celebrate the four weeks of the 4 Million Moon and you can earn one entry into his contest just by entering ours.)

Up to two other judges will be selected and announced as soon as possible. Judges will be instructed to select writing with feeling that is entertaining or inspiring or suspenseful and of course educational for werewolves like us.

Many great entries have already come in but there’s still time, so please email your writing to admin@yourlupinelife.com by April 30, 2014.

Thanks for sharing your lupine life.

Hunter Moon Runs With Blood For Second Year In A Row

The Hunter Moon this year is undergoing an eclipse, which is also known as the Blood Moon for a few very bloody reasons.

Read more about the Hunter or Blood Clan of Werewolves here.

A Blood Moon in the way that NASA scientists mean Blood Moon. To the scientist, a Blood Moon is a moon that turns red with sun fire during a lunar eclipse. To a lycan, the Blood Moon is that and something else too.

It’s going to be a bloody Halloween either way.

It’s the night that all Hunter Wolves are called on to defend the world against the beings who break through the veil of creation on Halloween. And the night when the rebel Blood Wolves will refuse to heed that call. Some of them will even end up fighting their brothers and sisters.

Let’s back up. Before the Hunter Moon was called the Blood Moon it was already pretty bloody. It brings the darker half of the year and marks the beginning of the long winter struggle against darkness and cold for all creatures in the Northern Hemisphere.

Hunters would use the October full moon light to stalk their prey at night. And animals would be slaughtered for eating in ritual ways that were meant to honor the dead, a kind of hunters’ apology for having to kill to survive. A thank-you ritual to the spirits for the sacrifice.

Well sometimes these rituals worked – and sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes they actually made the restless dead spirits angrier. A dangerous situation. Especially on Halloween. And especially if the Hunters Moon happens to coincide with Halloween. Halloween is the one night of the year when the veil between worlds is thinnest. Beings and monsters in other worlds wait all year for the right conditions to help them cross over on Halloween night.

We know that many different beings have indeed learned how to cross this veil, especially if the moon is full.  That’s why humans learned to wear a disguise, so other-worlders won’t recognize them as vulnerable humans. And why the Hunter Wolves promise to be out in full force, defending the world against the creatures who break through the veil. The Hunter Wolves train all year for this job and take an oath to defend the world on this night above all others.

At least that’s how things used to be. How they should still be. Unfortunately it’s not.

Nobody knows the name of that first hunter to kill a werewolf on the Hunter Moon but there’s a rumor that his story has been preserved and passed down by the Blood Wolves – along with his teeth and his bones. If you can find a Blood Wolf to tell you the true story, ask him. But fat chance getting a Blood Werewolf to talk to you. Especially on the Blood Moon.

All that is known for sure is that it happened on a Halloween Hunters Moon. A new, young genetic werewolf unexpectedly transformed in her village, alone. Her family was all out, racing with the Hunter pack toward a breach in the veil between worlds, preparing to fight back the beings to break through it: netherworlders, shadow worlders or otherworlders. These beings have been called by many names throughout history.

The new werewolf stumbled out into the forest on her new legs, and that’s where it happened – a human shot her. Killed her on the spot with a silver-tip arrow. Some even say it was one of her friends, trying to hunt with the adults on the Hunters’ Moon.

When the girls’ family returned to the village at sunrise to find her body in the woods they vowed to separate from the village and from the Hunter Wolves forever. They stopped defending the world and made their own clan, the Blood Clan, dedicated exclusively to self-preservation from the enemies they see everywhere, all the time. Now they claim the Hunter Moon as the Blood Moon. They don’t take the Hunter Wolf vow to protect the earth on Halloween and all year around from shadowy being bent on destruction.

Some whisper that the Blood Wolves may even be trying to help bring about this destruction.

So whether you celebrate the Hunter Moon or the Blood Moon, it’s sure to be bloody Halloween out there either way. Between fighting for the worlds’ survival and stocking up for the long winter, check back for the launch of our new werewolf app. Thanks Seth – and Graham too –  for helping us to finish it. Your Lupine Life app should be up on the iTunes store for free on Halloween.

Also we hope you’ll stop by Seth On Survival on or around Halloween. There’s sure to be a Survivor of the Month prize along with more helpful tips for your ongoing survival.

What Makes the Harvest Moon Sing?

When the Harvest Moon is on the rise, Singing Werewolves everywhere prepare to howl for three nights in a row, celebrating their moon.

If you aren’t a Singing Wolf, you may be wondering, why is this moon, referred to by half the humans on Earth as the Harvest Moon, also known as the Singing Moon among some werewolves?

You’ll find the answer lies in the history of farmers and werewolves of yore.

As everyone knows, the Harvest Moon is the bright low-hanging moon rising over the farmers’ fields tonight, when farmers in the Northern Hemisphere would race to bring in the crops before winter. It’s also the equinox, when the nights have begun to stretch out and steal a farmers’ valuable daylight once again, making it harder to finish the harvest.

Over these ancient fields, the Harvest Moon rose like a big orange nightlight to help the farmers see their work. By Harvest Moonlight, the farmers could work all night, as long as they could stay awake.

This is where the singing part comes in. In the days before coffee and energy drinks, these overworked farmers had to do something to stay awake. And the werewolves who lived among the farmers used their unique vocal powers to help out in this unusual way, by using their deadly howl in song. The werewolves sang to the farmers, “talking” to them and keeping them awake.

Scaring them awake, some would say. Some thought the werewolves were singing down the moon. Others farmers understood that the werewolves were trying to help, not trying to cause the moon to crash into the earth and they began to sing along. Some farmers even started leaving out big bowls of grain for the werewolves to thank them and keep them near.

Even the humans who didn’t really understand, could see that there was a kind of harvest peace between the species that needs to be respected. That’s why among rural werewolves, it’s still a tradition to greet the new Singing Wolves and join the farmers on their Harvest Moon or as we call it, the Singing Moon.

Lightning Moon Brings Lightning Flowers

If you are a Lightning Werewolf, do you have a lightning flower? Or a lightning tree? If you’re not sure then the Lightning Moon is an excellent time to find out.

Lightning Flowers left by Lightning Werewolves transforming fade in a few hours.

Lightning flowers like this one are left when a Lightning Werewolf transforms.

This full moon is sometimes called the Lightning Moon by many cultures because of the large number of electrical storms that naturally occur at this time of year.

So it’s no surprise that the werewolves who like to channel electricity aka: the Lightning Werewolves would claim this moon. For three nights, Lightning Clans will use this storm electricity in the air to initiate new werewolves, teaching you how to channel it to transform and fight.

You will also learn about the distinctive tracks or lightning flowers that your transformations will inevitably leave behind for others to find. These fractal patterns will appear on the ground, or in the glass of a window or on another conductive object as a result of your massive burst of electricity.

Lightning flowers are impossible to prevent when you are channeling up to a billion volts of electricity and equally impossible to hide from werewolf hunters but with any luck, they will fade in a few hours, before anyone can track you.


This Lightning Werewolf has many moons.

This Lightning Werewolf has many moons.

Now you must also know about the lightning flower you will find somewhere on your human skin, immediately after your first moon.

Your lightning flower normally first appears on your upper arm, chest or back but may begin almost anywhere. The pattern and placement of the design will be distinctive and revealed by your clan on your first moon.

Your lightning flower can tell other werewolves a lot more about you than just your clan affiliation. For one thing, it communicates your moon age. With every transformation, the so-called flower grows, the branches getting almost imperceptibly thicker and longer until finally it becomes the lightning tree of an older more experienced werewolf.

The number of “leaves” on this tree can also tell another werewolf how many battles you have fought and won or lost.

Above all, whether you have a lightning flower of a lightning tree, it tells the world that you are a Lightning Werewolf so if you don’t want this fact to be known, you would do well to keep it hidden.

If you are Lightning Werewolf who doesn’t have a flower yet, you may still experience some strange effects on the Lightning Moon:

1. Your hair will be more unruly than ever and as the moon reaches its fullest point, it may stand on end.

2. If you wear any metal jewelry, you may hear it start to buzz and hum.

3. Your bank cards may stop working.

If these moon effects bother you, don’t worry, it’s just time to invest in a good pair of rubber-soled boots.

Fear In A Handful Of Dust

If you are a Ghost Werewolf and July is your moon, you might be thinking about dust right now and the words of poet T.S. Elliot who was very likely talking about your kind when he wrote his famous words:

Shadow Dust bottled by artisanjouel

I will show you something different from either

Your shadow at morning striding behind you

Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;

I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

This poet knew the power of dust in the hands of a Ghost Werewolf like you. Many Ghost Werewolves wear an emergency vial of dust like this one, on a strap or a chain – anything that doesn’t contain silver. This vial contains Shadowdust. As a Ghost Werewolf, this dust is what helps you change your form quickly and easily. The dust is your link to the other worlds, the spirit worlds and to each other. It makes you a very valuable member of almost any pack as a Psi or sometimes a Theta scout, able to find out things the others can’t and call on resources from another realm.

But take a minute to consider what kind of dust will you choose? Shadowdust like in the photo? Or Stardust from before the world began? Maybe Bonedust? All are very difficult to find, gather and contain. And your choice will determine in which ghostly realms you can travel and hunt –  or just hang out for a while.

(This is why many Ghost Werewolves choose to join the Akashas, an alliance where many different kinds of werewolves study the other realms.)

But if you are a ghost werewolf don’t spend too long in the other realms. Too long in any other realm and you risk never coming back. Why?

Well, many believe that you Ghost Werewolves are the only werewolves who must leave your human form behind you still intact when you transform. For safety reasons, you must never confirm this to anyone except another Ghost Werewolf but if it is true, that would explain why some of you never return to your human self. What happens when your human form is found by somebody who thinks you are hurt? Who thinks you are sleeping and you won’t wake up? Your human form could end up trapped in a hospital attached to tubes and machines that interfere with your ability to transform back.

And what happens if your ghost form is defeated or otherwise prevented from returning to your human form? These are secrets to which only Ghost Werewolves know the answer.

If any of this is true, as the Ghost Moon rises, a Ghost Werewolf like you must be very careful about where you leave your human self and about not staying away too long.

The Werewolf In The Mirror

Look very closely at your reflection in a wolf mirror at the height of the Dyan moon and you might see something strange – especially if you are a Dyan Werewolf.

To a Dyan Werewolf, the wolf mirror always tells the lupine truth. While your face may appear normal, just an average human, the mirror never lies. When a Dyan Werewolf looks into a wolf mirror, the image staring back will undoubtably be all or part werewolf. Sometimes it’s just the eyes or the ears of the teeth or the whiskers but at the height of the Dyan Moon, it will always be your full werewolf face staring back at you.

That’s why the wolf mirror was originally invented and why many cultures who fear werewolves like us still hang a wolf mirror in the entrance of their homes. Wolf mirrors are made of many different fragments of silver mirror glass, usually in the shape of a moon. They may be different colors but all of them are backed by a special silver that reveals the inner wolf.

An example of a wolf mirror.

An example of a wolf mirror by Contois Reynolds.

You might think that Dyan Werewolves would hate and fear wolf mirrors, avoiding them at all cost lest they accidentally reveal their true identities, but they don’t.

No, Dyan Werewolves like you learn to use the wolf mirror to control your transformations in unique and powerful ways.

When you, as a Dyan Werewolf, look in a wolf mirror and speak the secret words, your inside wolf can come out, in several unique ways.

Sometimes the werewolf image just reflects back on your human face, triggering your transformation from human to werewolf. That’s why many experienced Dyan Werewolves wear a wolf mirror on their person at all times, and use it to transform in a fight.

But sometimes on the full moon, if the mirror breaks, the werewolf looking back at you can escape the wolf mirror and enter the world, flesh and blood like you. It’s a paradox but this werewolf is separate from you, but still part of you. The wolf part of you.

This other werewolf self will never leave you, but may not always behave in the ways that you want.  So while hanging out with your mirror wolf in the real world can be strange and fun, for most Dyan Werewolves it can sometimes create challenges. Your mirror wolf may get you into a lot of trouble! And putting your mirror wolf back can be very challenging after the mirror is broken. You will need another wolf mirror, along with the ability to get your wolf self to cooperate and look into the glass with you long enough to say the secret words in reverse. This is sometimes called re-mirroring the wolf.

If you are a highly trained Dyan Werewolf of many moons, you may also know a different spell. A spell that you can only use if your life depends on it. Because with this spell and the right wolf mirror, at the height of the full moon, you may be able to break your wolf self into three separate werewolves. Each of these werewolves will be different from you but still part of you. But if you use this spell, you should know that your chances of ever re-mirroring your three wolf selves are slim to none. Maybe one or two of them, but almost never three. It seems there is always one mirror wolf who will do anything to remain free, even if it means destroying you.

These escaped mirror werewolves have no human form at all, ever. And they are not always happy about this. Which explains why the Dyan Werewolves alone have a super-elite, internal remirroring agency, whose agents will hunt down your escaped mirror werewolves.

And what happens if one of your mirror werewolves dies, killed by a member of the Internal Remirroring Agent? Is it something you really want to find out? If you are using a wolf mirror this Dyan Moon, think about that before you free the wolf in the mirror.

Of Wild Werewolves and Witches A Natural History

This is the true history of the Wild Werewolves and the Wood Witches. If you are seeing this then no doubt you are one of us but know that reading this binds you to an oath of secrecy. An oath that if broken will cost you no less than your life.

As Wild Werewolves we started out living deep in the forest with our wolf families, where we spend our whole childhood as regular wolf cubs, just part of a pack, no knowledge of our human form or human ways, until the first Wild Moon.

Wild Werewolves start out their lives as simple wolves.

The first Wild Werewolves started out life as simple wolf cubs and only find their human form on the first Wild Moon.

On the first Wild Moon, our hidden human form emerges for the first time, but only for the duration of the full moon.

For 72 lonely hours you would be separated from the pack for the first time. Cubs you once played with would be confused and angry to have a human among them. Some of them would even try to attack you. At first, the entire pack might shun you, refuse to take you back, even when the moon begins to wane and you regain your wolf form. Over time, your pack would probably learn to accept you back but would keep you at a safe distance. They would probably never fully trust you again and always remember the human smell. You could never be the alpha or even the beta. You would always eat last. And to win a mate, you would have to challenge the whole pack. There would be many other challenges and you would have to find a way to win the trust of the pack if you wanted to remain a member.

The problem is, in those early days, you wouldn’t be human long enough to learn human ways and customs. At first, all you know is how to howl and growl. You won’t even know how to dress yourself or where to find clothes. Understandably, this can get you into a lot of trouble in human society. As you can see, the earliest Wild Werewolves of yore got into a lot of trouble with both the wolves and the humans.

Unknown to these earliest Wild Werewolves, we were being studied. A Wood Witch known as Sylvana had been studying one Wild Werewolf, who came to be named Connor, for a long time. Sylvana saved Connor’s life twice. The first time she saved him from the rage of the pack when Connor fell in love with the Alpha’s mate and challenged the whole pack for the right to be with her. She took him in and healed him with her spells.

On the new moon, Connor returned to the forest to form his own pack but every full moon after that, he brought his children in their human form to visit Sylvana, who taught them how to speak and read and think like a human. Soon word spread among the wild werewolves and more and more Wild Werewolves began to come to Sylvana’s full moon school.

In exchange for this kind witch’s teaching, we the Wild Werewolves pledged to protect her and her kind. As the tree is your witness, you too will be obligated to take the oath. Acquit yourself heroically and you will find there is no better, freer, more magical life you can live. But fail to live up to your pledge and you will find the opposite, a life that is nasty, brutish and very, very short. Choose wisely and live well, young Wild Werewolf.


Friends Don’t Bite Friends – But What If You Do?

Did you ever bite a friend by accident? If so, how do you tell your friend that he or she is going to turn into a werewolf on the next full moon? How does your clan deal with this situation? Are you responsible for your friend’s life now forever? Or does your clan demand that you go back and finish the job? 

An interesting question for yourlupinelife from SOS today. Seth writes:

Hail My Lupine Friends!

SOS just received an interesting message from a werewolf named Wild Moon. It appears that Wild Moon may have accidentally bitten one of her friends and wants to know how you handle the situation. How do you break it to somebody their human life is over? What is the etiquette here?

Thanks for any help you can give me. Keep on keeping on.