Akasha Alliance

Akasha Alliance studies the powers of other dimensions.

The newest order of werewolves, the Akasha Alliance brings together individuals from other alliances, who never quite fit in or who grew frustrated by the traditions of their orders.

But the Akasha Alliance is not for everyone. The Akashas are an aesthetic order which instills the highest level of discipline on its adherents. Members are required to keep their quarters and clothing immaculately clean and to uphold a strict code of honorable conduct so not every wolf is suitable. They value elegance, beauty and simplicity and the presence of the Nothing as they study the appreciation and manipulation of extra-dimensional and shadow forces, the Great Unseen.

At present the Akasha Alliance is working hard to unravel the mystery of other dimensions and how they can be used to bring knowledge and harmony to the world.

The other Alliances think of them as a bit kooky because some actually believe they are aliens and trace their lineage to other planets. And who knows, they may be right.

The Akasha wolves meet four times year at central, inland arid or semi-arid locations – anywhere there is lots of sky and nothing else.

Human Form:

In human form, Akashan wolves are often scientists or philosophers.


20 thoughts on “Akasha Alliance

    • Well im not an actual werewolf but i studied a whole lot on it. It will hurt really bad but it will be gone during the next full moon and slight anger will occur

  1. It’s not true not trying to be rude but u see I’m werewolf and these are myths or rumors there are alphas omegas and betas I’m an alpha ok pls don’t spread this id like to be unknown for reasons such as hunters so thanks

  2. This is my alliance. I feel connected with this one and not a single other alliance. Ive always seen what I shoudnt, which was the reason I even investigated the supernatural and found out I was a dyan werewolf.

  3. I’ve known who I am and what I am since my first menstrual cycle. Perhaps I’ve always known. But that is when my consciousness of the supernatural developed and I had my first experience with the concept of a werewolf, lycanthrope, whatever we choose to call ourselves. I was not going to hide behind a false name on this forum. Perhaps I should and thus I have. A lot of you are quite paranoid! I do not mock. I would simply like to know why no one has found me or why I have found none of you? Am I failing in some way? I am a wiccan storm bringer. I have accessed my Akashic records. (admittedly not very well).
    I thus believe I am a wind werewolf of Akasha Alliance. I live in South Africa. Please find me. E.

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