Aeolian Alliance

The Aeolian Alliance tends to attracts the more nomadic, loner wolves who are interested in the study and manipulation of aeolian processes, that is the powers of the air.

Wherever they are, the Aeolian Alliance studies and develops skills to manipulate the air and air currents. Among other things, this means Aeolians make many unusual alliances with birds and flying insects.

If you encounter an Aeolian Ally in fighting mode, he or she may be surrounded by a cloud of stinging insects or a whirlwind of dust.

Understandably, the Aeolian Alliance attracts many Ghost, Wind and Bone wolves along with a few Singing Wolves.

Human Form: 

In human form, Aeolians are often entranced by planes and sailboats, surfing and hang-gliding.

Know anything else about the Aeolian Alliance of Werewolves?

83 thoughts on “Aeolian Alliance

  1. What alliance am I in? I’m a dragon werewolf, but I’ve always been intrigued by why the wind blew when I pointed and why I wouldn’t drown if I accidentally took a breath underwater than why fire burns or why metal’s hard.

  2. I’m part if the wind wolf clan and I haven’t figured out what to do because I’m the alpha of my pack and my pack has recently be separated

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  3. My spiritual epiphany is that I learned that God is God, but there are other deities in existence as well. Now I understand why God says to worship no other deities because some are bad. All deities that proceeded Him either serve or oppose Him. This life is real and these mythologies are very, very real. I am communicating with Nanna, the Sumerian moon god. If he is real, than certainly God is too. The universe is nothing that expands into anything and everything. My soul is at peace.

    Having control and manipulation over the element of air is very useful. Blow up dirt and dust to create a disappearing act. You can create a vacuum and suck the air out of your enemy’s lungs for defense. If you get better, you can create a pocket and use it to fly or make a ribbon and you can cut through even steal with it. And no one but you can see it, which is scary.

    Don’t get carried away with it. Make sure you have all parts handled before trying to fly higher than four feet. A ten foot drop can be lethal and the higher you go the more your environment changes: wind, jet stream, cold, low oxygen, low gravity, high pressure, etc… also the ice on the wind can potentially shred you.

    • I have no problem with ice I love it. Also be careful cuz if you try to run will manipulating wind you could lose control . It happened to me and I was injured and I couldn’t run or even walk. :!:

  4. I love singing. It makes me feel grounded and centered. I don’t believe I have a good voice, but my mother says it possesses a quality she can’t quite pinpoint. I love the wind and the breeze, in fact, I am considered to be a double air sign. You can message me if you don’t understand. Now I will wait for this September’s super moon on the 8th. Any Singing/Harvest Wolves willing to lend a hand/paw, any help is greatly appreciated in preparation of my first transformation. Thank you.

  5. Aeolian Wolves and some members of the Oak Clan can time travel. Aeolian Wolves are werewolves with aerokinetic abilities. Aerokinesis is the manipulation of air. Members of the Oak Clan are winter werewolves who are frequently aided by faeries.

    What does the element air contribute in time travel?

    The one thing that has been present to all of the events of the world throughout all of time is the sky.

    The air has always been there and since the sky is air, time travel is basically moving throughout the memories of the sky, but not in a conventional sense. When the heavens turn to a flashback the entire world reverts to that point in memory, which also means change a memory and change the world. By logic all events that occur before and after change. The sky is the only witness to all events in both human and supernatural history; this is how the air relates to time travel and therefore the Aeolian Wolves. However, very few among their ranks know this skill as it is only entrusted to the wise elders and not the foolish youth.

  6. I think I’m a werewolf but I’m not sure. I’m mostly nocturnal and have advanced senses and can even speak and see from the perspective of a wolf but I haven’t changed. A little help please?

    • I think you have a protective item or spell keeping you from transforming. Or maybe the wolf side of your family is old enough so that you only experience minor symptoms

  7. I am a bone wolf I’m new and discovering the me I always tried to hide and put away showing no one my true self I am young and need advice please contact me.

    • I will help you. Calm down. If you are sweating to death, that means you’re about to transform. Don’t tell anyone that you’re a werewolf. Bone Werewolves have a hard time doing so. If you tell anyone that you’re a werewolf, they might laugh at you or stare at you in horror. Be sure to wear silver or carry some Wolfsbane.

        • though I found out I am not a bone wolf I am really from ghost clan idk something didn’t feel right about when I thought I’m from bone clan and all leading me 2 find out I’m from ghost clan any advice on that?

  8. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX anybody have advice for me cause with my wolf life it’s hard to control my temper advice will help

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  9. Help, need some advice. During my last change I did something I can’t stop worrying about. I always go to the same woods because it’s about 10 miles from the nearest house and never had a problem but this time some people were camping there and I didn’t know it. I was fallowing a sent of a dear when I looked up and saw a woman going to the bathroom. She looked up and saw me to. I started to turn around to leave when the next thing I knew she screamed and threw a branch at me. It hit my back and hurt a lot. I got so mad I chased her and bit her leg. Wen I realized what I was doing I let go and ran off. I don’t know who she is but I’m so afraid of what’s going to happen to her. I mean she didn’t ask for this.

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