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  1. I would like to know if I am a ww. I’ve had a connection to wolves all my life but when I turned 10 I started to growl and well basically I would start doing all the things wolves do. And my grandmothers mother was part ww. But my dad…. Well lets say that I don’t really know him cause he tried to……….eliminate me :cry: :shock: . But I would like someone to help me please. I’m going to turn XXX next year and from all the info I’ve gathered it says that most people shift when there’d like 14-18!!! Please help me out on this!!

    [Edited: Please do not post personal information like your full real name, birthday, age, address (state or country is okay but not town or city) or email. This rule is for your safety. Thanks.]

    • Hello there. Since your great grandmother was partially a werewolf, it could be possible that the gene skipped a few generations and ended up with you. It also could’ve affected more of your bloodline than just your great grandmother. My great grandpa was a werewolf, and I know there are others with the gene in my bloodline, but so far I am unsure of who they are. The gene was passed down to me through many generations. Hope this helped.

  2. I am curious to know if there is in fact, a way to resist shifting.

    There’s always been something “wrong” with the males in my father’s side.
    My father has a history of bipolar episodes.
    My grandfather managed to live with a gangrenous infection in his leg for years without deterioration.
    My uncle went into a psychotic rage while in service with the military and was arrested for it.
    My cousin had overdosed eight times in attempts to commit suicide. Each time failing.

    Me? I used to have very aggressive tendencies and admittedly a bit of bloodlust at times.

    But I never turned.

    When the moon is on me. I feel something churning.
    I feel a need to stare, to run, to embrace something.

    But nothing happens.

    Now, my mother’s side, is split in two.
    Half Irish, half Native American.

    The Native side is known for their belief in ‘spirit animals’ and in the idea that spirits take the shapes of other things in nature. A sort of quasi-reincarnation belief. A Sundancer (Shaman) when I was 16 named me “Running Wolf” Now, this is not on any identification card, as this was done in the woods, with offerings of tobacco and buffalo meat. I had to give the offerings to our ancestors and to our brothers and sisters in the forms of spirits and animals and trees. And a name would come to me.

    It did.

    And I was named that name.

    The other half, the irish half, has deep roots in paganism. They were a clan of bandits back in the 1600′s who followed pagan beliefs. Sex rituals, animal rituals, offerings to the gods and whatnot .

    I am not a spiritual man, but I am always very open to new possibilities. I’ve always had a fascination with Wolves, and a connection. I haven’t met a wolf who showed me disrespect, or one that showed me aggression. I met one in a zoo who even raised its head to me, a sign of submission.

    This lead me to investigating the concept of the wendigo, and of the werewolf.

    Now, I don’t seriously have the concern that something is going to pop in my brain and I’ll wake up in a pool of blood with corpses all around me.

    But it is an interesting coincidence that my father’s family, a side which , only a few generations back, becomes enigmatic (no lineage evidence). A family which always had some deep aggressive behavior in the men and very submissive behavior in the women.

    And then my mother’s family, a spiritual family with roots in Pagan beliefs and Native American spiritual beliefs, one with deep roots in animal-spirits on both sides.

    If you guys think that I could be one, contained maybe by an act of my ancestors, or perhaps contained by my naming ceremony, I’d like you to tell me. What are your opinions on this?

    I find it all very intriguing.

    • wow! Your family sounds like mine! Except my real father left me a weak after my birth, even though he was in love with me, he went away. I’m Irish , and Scottish on my mums side but pure Mexican on my dads side… He had anger issues. Really bad anger issues.

  3. I’ve also done some self-hypnosis and underwent some vivid hallucinations involving wolves.

    Its all very coincidental, almost too coincidental.

    Leads me to believe there is more to this, and that I had to find out what it could be.

    Best possible answer, here I am, a wolf trapped.
    Worse possible answer, I still don’t know.

    So its not like its a make-or-break situation.

  4. lol I’m a ice wolf and I’m almost turning XX e effects also. I have the effects also. any advice would be good.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name or your location. Thanks.

      • hello i’m new here and am not a werewolf but am only a human who is trying to learn more about werewolves so if any of you could help me out with that that would be great. Also I live in XXXXXXX Tennessee, USA and would like to know if there are any werewolves nearby in my state that I live in.

        Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Please note age plays little to no role in determining when you first transform so please do not post your age. Thanks.

  5. I have the blood of wolves in my veins and a long history of ancestors being druids, shamans and werewolves, I am oak born an Aires and a earth dragon my father was a dragon and my grand father was a dragon but I need a catalyst to trigger my dormant blood, I live in Tennessee, USA and wonder if there is a strong alpha with a long blood line of being a werewolf near me that could help me with this and they can’t have any disease in the blood, please help me

  6. Uh hey so, I’m a werewolf ( female ) and still grasping my wolf inside . I’m a bit of wild and ghost plus some heat or fire wolf. So I need a pack plz :smile:

  7. So I tried to set up an account, and I got all the way to the activation but I don’t have an activation key. What do I do? :sad:

    • I clicked the link and it said “invalid activation key”.
      I am very confused. Witch doesn’t happen often.

  8. I want to be a Werewolf. More than anything. For years, I have dreampt of running through the forest in the mountains of Washington State, hunting in nothing but my pants, if even that. I desperately want to have what many consider a curse. I do not. I find it a gift for those who need to escape from a dull and repeditive lifestyle. I want to be a Werewolf. I want Lycanthropy to flow through me and I have the will to go through it. I even have a method to fight through the pain of my first transformation. I want this. Nothing you say will prevent me from achieving this. Now, who here wants to help me catch Lycanthropy? I’ll do anything short of giving up my soul.

  9. I have three remaining questions:
    1: Will acquiring Lycanthropy entail actual, physical shifting?
    2: If so, what pop culture Werewolf reference should I use as the basis for what I might look like on my first turn?
    3: How often will I need to “run” to keep the wolf down? (“run” = shift and hunt.)

  10. I’ve been growling lately but haven’t tranformed yet and almost XX am I crazy or what’s going on

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  11. please someone help me. I’m not a werewolf but I truly want to become one more than anything. I’m exhausted and fed up doing every possible spell/ritual that internet offered. But im not giving up. Please consider me as a worthy member and please make me lycanthropic. I will do anything

    • I have been waiting for three years for the Gift. I am proud to see that I am not alone.

      Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  12. Sadly, no. I am much like you, stuck as a puny human, longing for running on all fours in the mountains of WA State.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

    • Humans don’t understand what it means to be a werewolf. Isn’t that so? It isn’t like you buy something on the internet.
      Maybe you’ll be tested before… without realize it.
      Fenrir is smarter that those kids who say on this site: I will make you a werewolf, you must say it and it’s done.
      It isn’t something you buy at the supermarket and done… you have it. – _ -
      Maybe you’ll can only m-shift and metamorphose in astral projection.
      But you’ll sure be tested… even if you don’t realize it.
      Maybe you’ll not become a werewolf if other werewolves think that you’re not trustworthy.
      But you can have the spirit of the wolf without be a werewolf. This is called therianthropy… or shamanism.
      Please… all those kids… read what it mean “paranormal activity” and esotericism. And how it works.
      Even demons will not make you a demon if you’re not tested… very tested… before. And they are demons.

      • Don’t trust the humans. They try to hunt you down and you’ll tip off vampires. Humans have hard forces against werewolves. Don’t listen to the ones that think you’re not a werewolf. They’re just jealous. They think they’re such smart a**! Just ignore them.

        • True. But not all humans try to do this.
          Humans are fragile… they can be lied very easily, by the darkness. They aren’t such a great danger… they are just lied. And some of them are a great help. If you read this site; vampires and werewolves can be friends. And Metallos Alliance make alliances with some humans too.

        • Furthermore… humans are like our little brothers; they don’t know the whole truth. They don’t know what they do. They are like children.
          With the exception of the Darkness… the Darkness know what they do; and they lie other beings to bring them by their side.

        • But, vampires do not exist. Vampires are silly tales of humans who don’t know what they’re even talking about. And Vampires are a totem of Lust and Evil, Lycanthropes however are just like humans. Lycan’s are just a different species that were sadly misinterpreted by myths.

      • Ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with wolves. While growing up, I noticed that my behaviour is so similar to that of a wolf. Everytime there’s a full moon, I used to howl at it but now I control that urge with much difficulty because now there are neighbours around. The next thing is the intense anger. In my puberty I used to damage things to get over it but now I’m controlled. And mosly I like to be one with the nature. It feels so alive. Now I feel that I there is a wolf inside but I still cant get to my full potential of being a wolf only through mind. That brought me of thinking of gain lycanthropy to open my trueself. I feel like I’m trapped inside. So please I ask you to please help me, help me to achieve my destiny.
        I did everything that I can find but nothing worked. I guess my destiny showed me the way to this website…… I mean finally I’m here……my true kind is here……It truly feels like home.
        So it’s up to you people to decide whether I’m worthy or not.

        • You know that you are a lycanthrope when your dreams and your inner instinct show you that you are. When you are a lycanthrope, your dreams show you that. And in your dreams, sometimes… you become what you are.
          I know your feelings. Sometimes I feel trapped too. And I want to run free, and to escape by this physical body and become a spirit, a werewolf at my full potential.
          You already have your destiny, if you know to see the signs from yourself and from your dreams. And if you know your past lives…
          I will copy and paste you an article about some werewolves. They were true werewolves. Please, read it all.

          Secret Society Benandanti — Werewolves and shamans in the service of Christ

          Benandanti — A secret society, which appeared in the distant antiquity, but is widespread in medieval Italy. The members of the society had the ability to leave their bodies and pereoblachatsya in animals, including wolves. They persecuted the church almost 500 years out of sight to the 1998 re-make themselves …


          Werewolves — servants of Satan, people have argued for centuries. But it turns out this is not entirely true. In any case, you can not say about the benandanti (translated from Italian, it means “going to the good work”) — followers of an ancient cult that flourished in Italy until the end of the XVI century. Then they caught the attention of the Inquisition for its nightly ritual battles with sorcerers and witches for the fertility of livestock and crop fields. Benandanti could only be those men and women who were born in a shirt, that is, the rest of the body and head around the inner shell of the fruit. For benandanti this was a special sign of supernatural powers of healing those who suffered damage from the induced wizards, as well as the ability to recognize witches.

          That is why many benandanti kept their shirts and wore them as sacred amulets around his neck.
          At midnight, they called together the drums, and sometimes, as the story goes, the angels! Gathered together benandanti left their physical bodies, and then their spirits took shape wolves, cats, rabbits, mice and even butterflies. Then they all went to the sacred valley of Jehoshaphat, which fought with the army of witches and wizards, too, were in the guise of spirits.

          Benandanti went into battle armed with fennel stalks, known for its medicinal properties. Opposing them as witches fought sorghum shoots (one of the varieties of millet), and looks like the devil’s broom to fly on the Sabbath.

          Army perfume for a few hours brutally beat one another with these stems. If benandanti won, during the year promised to be abundant harvests. In case of winning dark forces, respectively, on the contrary.

          After the end of the “ambulatory” as such were called battle benandanti wandered around the village houses, searching for water to quench their thirst. A prerequisite for benandanti was that before the first cry of a cock all the spirits had to return back to their body. If they were late, or their bodies during the absence of souls found themselves upside down face, the soul with great difficulty could once again return to the body or can not enter into it. In this case, the souls benandanti had to wander the earth as long as their bodies are not the time came to die.


          Although the story of the origin of the cult benandanti unknown, his roots, seems to go back to antiquity. The very idea that it is possible to leave the human body and to participate in the battle in the spiritual dimension in the form of an animal, is by nature a typical shaman. Pagan in nature, it is a religious movement by the end of the XVI century has absorbed many elements of Christianity. Now benandanti went to battle with supporters of Satan in the service of Jesus Christ and all his saints.

          Benandanti drew the attention of church authorities in 1575, when the priest came to town Brotsano stories about the strange man named Paolo Kasparuggi. He distinguished knowledge of charlatanry and “nights often wandered the roads in the company of witches and goblins.” During a confidential conversation Kasparuggi told the priest that he posts in the days of leaving his body, adding that in addition to battles with witches, ghosts benandanti also danced, jumped and rolled — one animal to another. Apparently, the priest above all seemed quite sinister and very much like a witches’ sabbath, as it, without further ado, immediately notified all the founding fathers of the Inquisition.

          In the next 70 years in Italy took a lot of investigations and judicial processes, dedicated to the cult. Inquisition tribunals have made a lot of effort to tie benandanti with Satanism and to force them to confess to his involvement in witchcraft coven, and that they had to renounce Christ and give their souls to the devil. But all the hard benandanti withdrawn himself from the accusations and even accused of incompetence inquisitors. They strongly insisted on the fact that you can simultaneously be benandanti and regularly attend church, sincerely believe in Jesus Christ and serve him faithfully. Be that as it may, they have to go out to battle with the witches as born in the shirt. Benandanti were initiated into the “fighters against evil” in adulthood and, after serving in this field for 10-15 years, later released from his mission.


          In all the stories of the night battles benandanti was one feature that greatly puzzled by the founding fathers of the Inquisition, namely the abandonment of the spirit of the physical body. Church could not accept the idea that the soul can leave the body of a man in life, and then get back into it. It is, according to the dogma, should only do so after death. And the fact that this took shape benandanti animals, convinced the validity of church inquisitors charges: benandanti — werewolves, hiding behind the name of Jesus. And directs their actions, of course, the devil!

          It is now easy to talk about astral travel shamans and people with paranormal abilities, and in the XVI century, the Vatican guided strict dogma. As a result, the Inquisition made from benandanti confessions that they had participated in a witch coven, and was followed by a still more serious charges of desecrating crosses, deals with the devil, vampirism, lycanthropy and the renunciation of the Christian faith. Thus, benandanti been turned into some sort of satanic cult. But something strange: more often it was done only in words.

          The Catholic Church is not too hard pursued benandanti. Many processes have not been brought to an end; penalties tend to be too soft for a fierce Inquisition. On the one hand, the Inquisition tribunals have made a lot of effort to tie benandanti to Satanism, the other — apparently having understood the essence, the church “cool” to benandanti and become blind to their “pranks” — it was a lot more serious opponents except cranks werewolves.

          Probably benandanti survived also because they were disclosed at the time when the witch hysteria in Europe has already begun to face with a skeptical attitude to the problem of many church authorities. And the rituals benandanti so did not fit into the framework of the representation of the activities of Satanists that the church quietly negated his fight with them and left the astral werewolves alone. The last major trial of benandanti took place in 1644. However, the deal was done: in the popular mind benandanti started steadily associated with evil spirits.

          MISSION mentally ill

          From then until the end of XX century, and more precisely to 1998, about werewolves Christ has not been heard. They re-asserted themselves in a noisy process that took place in the Italian city of Pisa, famous for its leaning tower. Just say, that after the process the defendant was sent to a psychiatric hospital. But it is in the course of this trial with a passionate speech mentioned earlier in this article Jacopo Bassano. Before the trial, the 80-year-old appeared Tjessem — old man with a disfigured face. The accused revealed that he is a werewolf, wolf puts on the mask. He even revealed that his nose was broken sorcerer, who was killed at a time when the blow struck Tjessem.

          By the way, it was for the murder and tried an old man. Tjessem has explained his actions. Adrean Cheka (the name of the murdered) and the other evil sorcerers are not allowed to germinate crops, seeds, cereals carried off to hell. Tjessem and other werewolves were trying to protect the crops for which they descended into the underworld and fought with sorcerers. Tjessem and his friends fought fennel shoots and witches broom sticks from a tethered to them ponytails. If werewolves are losing the battle on the ground and lost crop ceased caught fish.
          It goes without saying that the judges were deeply shocked by such a story and recognized the old man insane.

          But even more shocking their grand-master of Bassano, who told them about benandanti and their modern followers of the “Society of the werewolves of Christ.” He explained that, at a time when the world is on the brink of ecological disaster, a large part of humanity still hungry, and the forces of darkness is confidently take possession of the souls of men, benandanti quietly do their work, to the best of solving global problems … He spoke more a few minutes and the result has been removed from the hall and fined for contempt of court. What is done the Grand Master?

          He was asked: “Why did not anyone know about werewolves of Christ, if they perform such an important mission?” And Bassano said: “Pig does not know about the stars! And why not? Because she dug in the ground and in the sky does not look! “

      • Meditate… Meditate is the answer…. Your Element Spirit will lead you to another world. Follow it to a beautiful kingdom. Then he/she will tell you about your true self. You shouldn’t argue with your element. He/she is your guide. He/she will tell you your knowledge, Zodiac Sign, spirit animal, Native American Spirit Animal, and most of all… Who you are!

  13. I need help I’m pretty sure I’m a werewolf I did a spell and I’m much more like a wolf. Any suggestions what to do?

  14. I want to know if I am a werewolf cuz whenever I see the full moon, I just stare at it for a very long time….I dont know if I am a werewolf but I dont change into one but I have senses like one….like very good hearing and good vision in the dark….I need to know

  15. Having THE hardest time joining im a dragon wolf but somehow thats not good enough to join and i dunno who to contact for help with that and i was hoping to find a pack in Florida ill be more specific later on if i can get some help

  16. Hello wolves, I have known about you for some time now. Although I have denied your existence, I can not deny my beliefs. I think I may be one of you. I have many signs, but I’m not too sure of you yet. I am of shifting age and getting increasingly edgier. Please, someone reply, and help a new young person- or she-wolf.

    Edited: For your safety please do not post personal information like your age, birthday, full real name, email, phone number or your specific location. Thanks.

  17. Hello, I hate to intrude on this sight but I am in a dire need of answers. My friend used to be a werewolf, technically she still is it’s just that her wolf kinda disappeared but before he/she disappeared they left me a weird text message that really worries me. The message they sent is below:

    “Time to feast. On the innocence of the forest dwellers. To undo what was done centuries ago. That broke thy back and weakened the flow. When the deed is done and all has passed Everyone shall be too afraid to ask. The scurry and hide. While others bask in their own pride. The time is now to find ones p

    • (hit the enter button my bad) place. Before you look death in the face. The road will be dreary. The storms will be fierce. No regrets for the throats you have pierced. Ribs crunch. Bones crack. For you will think you have broken your back. We are mighty. We stand tall. Where others will most certainly fall. Be proud, you have nothing to fear. For it shall come in half a year. I speak with the power of three. This is our will. So mote it be. With these words I condemn thee.

      After that they added: “The feeding grounds have grown. You have more of a selection than I had. Consider yourself lucky he hasn’t found time to come find you!”

      Now this was a while back and now things are starting to become weird. My close friends and myself have been having weird werewolf related dreams and I believe something may happen. If you know about what this means then please tell me, I want answers, thank you.
      ~ Snow Lunaris

    • I myself am a Therian, Poly-Therian, I have two theriotypes that I know of and they’re a wolf and fox. My wolf is dominant. I have tried many spells to unlock my full wolf but it never seems to work. I also believe I might be the reincarnation of someone, a role-play chatacter of mine and before you say I’m fake or anything alike I would like to add she is a werewolf with… abilities… She was born into a pack with elite alpha’s, or basically a well known pack and saw her parents die in front of her killed by a rival pack who’s alpha went mad. When she was born/little she had white gold hair and bright blue eyes, but after the attack on her pack another wolf changed her appearance to blood red hair and green eyes, she had a strip of white in her bangs as a rememberence of who she used to be/still is. Before the war broke out she was arranged to marry the mad alpha’s youngest son. She also had two brothers and a sister. (That’s weird cause I’m an only child and my best friend has that many of siblings that she’s never met before.) She also had the ability to conjure fire, but it was blue when she was in control, but when her evil side; inner flame as it was called; the flame would either be white or sometimes appear purple. When living by herself and being on the run and wanted she ran into (literally) her mate, a wolf who she was connected with. He was the son of a lesser pack who’s alpha was killed by an ancient evil in the form of a wolf. He also had powers, but his were different, they were demonic powers in nature. He was scorned by his father for baring such a gift. The two stuck together and soon met another few wolves and eventually found out a prophecy. The girl with red hair was the main heroine and needed to retrieve three items a cuff, a pendant and a crown, each one was guarded by a guardian demon. Complications arise and she finds herself in the war and being hunted by the youngest son to take her power and then make her his mate out of jealously of her true mate. ((I’m going to stop here before I sound too crazy, if you think I am somehow maybe connected to this girl or if you know her story cause my friend’s wolf told me that they remembered the story. Plus does the name Snow Lunaris sound familiar to anyone? That was the character’s name.)) ((Also I have much more to tell, if you would like to hear what rest I have to say I have a Kik: KawaiiCupcakeFox and Wattpad: KawaiiCupcakeFox )) ((Thank you for reading this comment if you did.)) :|

  18. Hi
    I think I may be a werewolf but I’m not sure
    Is transformation as myths say it will be
    With fur and claws
    Or Is it a mental change ?

  19. Hi I’m not sure if anyone can help me. I usually have dreams about friends and family trying to kill me. But in the past couple of months I’ve been dreaming about being a wolf roaming my neighborhood. The last dream really concerned me though. A white wolf was walking toward me and spoke. It said, “The beast resides within you though the beast does not wish to reach the surface. If it is to reach the surface, your family shall be in grave danger.” Should I take this literally or should I just brush it off?

  20. Snow fang I know what your taking about, i had dreams like that, thay started becase i was not happy with how my life was and i was to scared to take action of my life and chaneg it. The beast will reach the surface if you dont chang what is making you unhappy and that is very bad!!! If you ignor it for to long the beast will be uncontrolable. The beast is your inner and darkest subconscious. It is not all evel it is acterly trying to make your life the way you whant it to be. But it dose it in very bad ways

  21. Any real WW’s here that can talk to me for pure knowledge and interest’s sake? I am extremely curious about this stuff and find it fascinating.

    Or if you know anyone here that has a strong rep/is knowledgeable about this topic, do not be scared to DM/contact me. Thank you :)

  22. Another REAL Werewolf from Mexico?
    I feel lone in middle of humans and urbanization. By that I tried to enhanced my abilities on the farms, but it’s also full of humans.
    This is serious. I’m a real and loner Werewolf.

  23. Hey …so iv been wondering this for awhile but is it normal for humans to have ice silver eyes? Like …everyone in my family on both sides has ice blue to teal to icy green eyes, and is it normal to …. well growl or hiss when upset? Ik i wont get many real answers and i kinda know allready what i …can do an stuff by my …swimming style and other things and i feel more like a selkie or just a freak mutation or wierd flexibility more than anythjng eles and i mean ik what animal my … well ik what my true self looks like or how i feel like kinda thing but im all ways looking for new answers so ye… i never usually get anything new and most people on here arnt… well most of them are human but hey i still need answers so i put it out there every new and then just to see if anyone has anything that might be true of helpful in finding myself or figuring out the …weirder things i can do

  24. In my childhood I was the “rare”.
    I always have a great sense of smell, and I can smell the different scents of people as I can recognize the different scents of females and males, from their clothes, or things that they touched on, or even I tracked a ex friend girl in a party.
    But almost four years ago I changed, the intense stress and anger were a factor. I have my mind in my beast form, but honestly Im very agressive. I dont have watch my face in werewolf form, but I touched it, and Im flat faced, with greyish fur. My mom told me that my ancestors migrated from Europe to Mexico and that was probably a werewolf among them.
    None know that I m a werewolf, except for my mom, my aunt and cousin, but in 2018 unfortunately, a farmer watched me in werewolf form in an accident, but nobody knows that I was, fortunately in the other side.
    In the good way, I like being a legendary creature and the benefits as my senses, stamina and strength. In the bad way, I cant act like humans.

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